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Speakout 7/26

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Call 471-6636

My thanks to the person who put the article in Thursday's paper entitled, "That's the Truth." They hit the nail on the head. Most of the ones protesting the war in Iraq do not have a loved one over there. They are merely concerned about their pocketbooks. Talk to a man or woman has been there and almost without exception they are proud of what they are accomplishing. I talked with my nephew recently who is in the Air Force and he said if we don't fight them over there we will fight them here. I had a brother and a husband both in Vietnam at the same time so I know the traumas of war but from the beginning of time, war has been necessary to defend our country and freedoms. Instead of letting our servicemen and women hear the griping, let's let them hear our love and appreciation for their sacrifice.

There is an ice cream and snowcone truck that passes the house and they never slow down or stop, they just keep going about 10 or 15 miles an hour past our house. If they are trying to sell stuff, they should slow down enough so the kids can go out beside the road.

Someone told me that someone was complaining about the property out on Ingram where the work is being done, the ball diamond is being made and everything but that the church couldn't help the needy. Well I would like for them to come and visit our church it is on North Kingshighway and we would love to have you come and we do have programs to help the needy. We help people all the times of the year. Please come by and visit.

Whoever owns the house at 300 block of Virginia Street in Sikeston, Mo., would they please cut the grass. It is past our ankles and the mosquitoes are all over the place. They fly into our own house across the street as well as our neighbors next door to the house. Would you please cut the grass soon?

To whom it may concern: I wish you would please stop stealing out of my garden and yard. You are truly being watched. So please, stop it now. I would appreciate it. If you want something just ask, I would give it to you but please stop stealing.

- - -

Listen up you garden thieves, would you please stay out of my garden. Make your own garden.

I would like to Speakout on the subject of deadbeat parents whether they be male or female and ask the prosecuting attorney's office what is the point of spending taxpayer's money for bringing these people to court, ordering them to pay child support which they don't. Either bring them back and charge them with contempt and do nothing or issue a felony warrant for non-

support and never arrest them even though they are told exactly where they live or where they work. Who pays for this and why aren't they prosecuted or locked up?