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Speakout 7/29

Friday, July 29, 2005

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I was reading in the July 20 Speakout about some caller who called in about bin Laden. We all know that bin Laden is supposed to have that kidney disease and I agree with this caller 100 percent because if he's got this kidney disease as bad as we understand it, he wouldn't be living up there in the mountains. I have a friend who has kidney disease and he has to go to the hospital here in Sikeston three times a week for treatments. I agree with the caller. I believe our politicians and our governments know where this man is. I believe he should have been captured at least a year or so ago. Look at all of the military personnel we are losing in Iraq and other parts of the world because this guy hasn't been captured. I don't know if President Bush knows where he is, but I believe somebody knows where he is because, like this caller said, he has to come out of the mountains and go to the hospital to get the treatments. I hope that you print this and that is good because this maniac, put him away and bring our military personnel back home to their families where they should be. We have lost enough young men and women in Iraq and throughout this world protecting our country. It seems like the politicians want to keep them over there forever and ever. Let's get them back home to their families, their children, their parents and friends and their churches. Thank you very much. I enjoy the Speakout and keep up the good work.

Your editorial on July 20. How stupid. You know, as well as I, that your employees do not perform at their best. There are millions of Mexicans to take their place. In our work force, if you don't produce, you don't stay. Believe it or not, I belong to a union. Our young people go through five years of apprenticeship before they are equal pay as journeyman. Some of these young people can outwork or outsmart a worker with several years experience. If you think working smart is a handicap, I guess I'm just lazy.

I would like to say thanks to Mr. Larry Bohannon who was the principal at Southeast school. I don't know if he is still there or not but he was a great guy. And thanks to the whole Southeast school staff. And I would like to say thanks to the Sikeston Public Library. They also have a picture of my son up and a book that is in memory of him that was donated by Southeast Elementary School. I would like to thanks to each and every person that made this possible and most of all I thank God.

My comment is about a radio announcer from out of town, I believe he was from Farmington. He comes down to cover the games when the Bootheel Bombers play the Farmington Firebirds. My concern was the way he handles himself in public. The announcer for the game played the national anthem and this jockey, who was there from Farmington, made a comment, "I don't mean to be facetious, but isn't that song a little bit long." We have men and women over there dying so we can play that song anytime we want as loud as we want and as long as we want. My comment to him and the Farmington people who support that man and who talks on that radio show is: if you don't like it, honey don't come to Sikeston, because we are proud to support our men and women in war.

Local business owners and store managers need to inform all employees that it is improper to cough into their hands and then make things. Nor is it proper to cough into their hands and then serve food.