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Speakout 6/4

Friday, June 4, 2004

I need someone to pull weeds from my flower beds and could use them more than once. If anyone is interested in doing yard work for me, please leave a phone number in SpeakOut.

It was great to see W.T. Woods back in action. Keep those letters coming, W.T. They're right on the money.

I live in the Morehouse area and would like to know if there are any places like city hall or a church that would let people come to for protection when a tornado has been spotted. It would really be nice if the city would offer shelter to residents who need a place to go for safety.

I went to the East Prairie graduation when my cousin graduated. The school needs to pay attention. It was over 100 degrees in there. I went outside to get some cool air and people were leaving with babies because the infants were so hot. Their faces were red and they were puffing for air because it was so hot. If they can't get air conditioning they could at least put some big fans in there. I have never seen so many people leave with their kids because they were almost facing a heat stroke. That is outrageous and I hope I never have to go to an East Prairie graduation. I hope a reporter calls the school to find out why. It has been this way for the past four years.

I'd like to set the record straight. President Bush says that John Kerry is the biggest liberal around. That's not so. President Bush is. He gave away the taxes when he got into office that were supposed to go toward the national debt. He also lowered taxes and ran the national debt higher than it has ever been before and he gives everything away that he can. Don't call President Bush a big liberal too? He's one of the biggest liberal presidents we've ever had.

I read an article about the fourth graders program in the Morehouse School. I don't understand this. The man who is supposed to be serving in Iraq is with the National Guard 1221st Transportation Company of Dexter. They're based in Iran; they're not even in Iraq.

The information published is what was given to us for the article.

This is about graduation night. Why is it that every time the kids or anyone tries to have fun, the police always have to come and act like there's a big problem and have to mess things up. Last night, people were having fun after graduation. There was no fighting or anything. People were just partying and congratulating themselves after graduation. What do you know? Like always, here come Sikeston sirens. The police get out of their cars, walk down and messing with groups of people, people from out of town. People don't want to be messed with Sikeston's finest when they're trying to have fun. I could understand it if there was trouble. If you feel like there's going to be trouble, pull off a little distance. You don't have to get out of your vehicles and walk through the crowd. They just messed up everyone's fun. Why don't they go to Malco Trio on Friday night?