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Speakout 6/6

Sunday, June 6, 2004

This is in response to the May 24 SpeakOut regarding the person needing a diagnoses. Speaking from experience, please ask the caller to have a leukemia test done to rule out the possibility of leukemia.

In reading your editorial about the man who defended his home getting a raw deal, you can automatically tell that Rick Pearia and Donald Brinkmeyer are both non-blacks by the way you are defending Pearia. I'm not saying Pearia was in the wrong, because I feel the same way he did and I probably would have done the same thing, considering what had been going on. But what I am saying is that in all your other editorials, you had rather been a judge and jury when it comes to writing about blacks. I feel deeply if these had been black people, judging by your other editorials when it comes to blacks, you would have addressed it in a different manner. You need to go back and read some of your work and look at your patterns. If they are white, you make it not look so bad but if they're black, you blow it all out of proportion.

Why hasn't the Standard Democrat printed anything regarding the Semo Electric Company?

The front page article was published May 28.

It amazes me how many drug dealers there are in Mississippi County (East Prairie, Charleston and Anniston). Something that particularly amazes me is how some people get arrested for drugs when there are others who have been dealing for years. You can always tell who they are. One day they are as poor as a church mouse and the next day they have new semi trucks, extended cab trucks, Corvettes, motorcycles (of which most aren't even licensed), new homes, etc. There is a word for this, "CI," confidential informant, or "snitches" for short. This practice goes on right from the DEA in Cape Girardeau on down to the local sheriff's department to the local police department. If the law is the law, why is there not justice for all. Drug dealers are drug dealers.

In response to the May 26 "Voice of experience" from the Vietnam veteran, I know you. No, I don't know your name or your situation but I know you. You are the same person who used to look back at me every morning in the mirror. I hope one day I can meet you if I haven't already. Your story touched me. I cried when I read it and you might think that upon reading it, "That's nice but I just want to be left alone." I will keep you in my prayers. God bless you.