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Your view: Join the Life Chain

Monday, August 27, 2007

Dear Editor,

I have been watching with interest the plight of the Atlanta Falcon's quarterback, Michael Vick, in his most recent run-in with the law over his off-season part-

time job of dog fighting.

It is alleged that he was very involved in the training of these vicious animals and then gambling large sums of money on the fights. Any dogs having a losing season were often shot, drowned, hanged or electrocuted. Like most Americans, I was disgusted and outraged at this horrible story.

But while many are sickened by these accusations, it is also true that if Michael Vick had been operating an abortion clinic, where even worse cruelties take place, he would not have been breaking any laws.

In fact, he would have been protected by many federal, state and local laws. For while it may be against the law to inflict cruelty on animals, it is within the law to dismember tiny pre born babies and even offer their skin and body parts for sale.

Dog fighting is a barbaric practice and should be illegal, but how could we as so-called civilized society reach the point where our laws offer more protection to dogs than human beings?

The city of Dexter will soon be the site of the annual SEMO Life Chain on Sunday, Oct. 14. We invite concerned citizens to join us as we pray for a return to common sense and decency over this and other moral and spiritual issues.

Gerald W. Beam

Dexter, Mo.