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SpeakOut 2/8

Friday, February 8, 2008

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I read an article in the Standard Democrat's SpeakOut section dated 1/21 titled "Preaching on Teaching." In it, the author railed on "boo-hooing, belly aching mouthing teacher educators." I don't know which disappointed me more, the hateful attitude of the author toward those who so educate your children or the lack of response from those of us who benefit from teacher's efforts. You should be ashamed. I am a parent, who has been fortunate enough to have an educator teach my daughter to read, and made it enjoyable enough to open doors to worlds beyond imagination. It is through the talent and love of teachers that my son has learned to do math and science far beyond my ability, and thus he will have career opportunities that will move him farther in life than his old man. My wife and I are former students, who had the good fortune to encounter outstanding educators, coaches and administrators in the Sikeston Public School system that became mentors and lifelong friends. They challenged us, and we became better than we could have on our own. They gave us discipline, determination, and made champions of us. Yes, sometimes they even guided me back to the straight line when I strayed. We will never be able to thank them enough. The teachers in my day were part of a team. Along with our parents they cared for us enough to realize the value a good education would have in the quality of our lives. I sincerely appreciate the time and effort these people put into improving me. Because of them, I qualify for a job that will support my family. Because of them, I am able to read and continue to enjoy learning throughout my lifetime. Because of them, I am able to submit this response devoid of incomplete sentence fragments. The salaries teachers earn provide them a decent living, but they don't do it for the money. They do it for love. They do it because they enjoy watching the light bulb come on in our eyes. I am sorry that you are unable to see that. And I am not alone. Several former students that I have talked to about your article expressed disappointment with your unprovoked attack on our educators. It is a shame you were not able to get out of your school experience all that we were. Perhaps if you had, you would not grow old so bitter and spiteful.

Give me a break

Bush comes up with the idea to give taxpayers a refund check for single and married couples and their children. What isn't fair about this is everyone on Social Security deserves this because they paid taxes in their lifetime and most of the senior citizens can barely make it and disability people have a hard time too. It isn't fair to the ones that can work those that won't work and have a bunch of kids and somehow get more money than anyone else. I know of people on food stamps that sell their food stamps for gas and cigarette money and then their kids don't have milk all month and they even trade their WIC vouchers for cigarette money or money to play bingo on. How fair is this? When are we going to get a president that does the right thing and I don't think anyone running will do the right thing. Go back to the welfare department and clean up that mess first. Make those lazy people get a job. And give the deserving people a break.

I'd like to comment on Friday's Mississippi County Commission report. As a resident of Mississippi County I was very disappointed in Commissioner Blumenberg's reply to County Recorder Judy Rolwing's request for additional help for her office. As a businessman with three employees under his management, wonder how he would feel if suddenly he was required to operate his business by himself. How long would it take him to make changes when customers could not be taken care of and had to go elsewhere for service? Miss Rolwing followed procedure in presenting her request to the board, both written and in person, only to be met with very nonprofessional and inconsiderate remarks. Miss Rolwing is due an apology and the courtesy of a professional response to her request.

The SpeakOut titled Using the children was totally amazing. I hope one of the children that was at the party was the one that called that in, not an adult. If it was an adult, you have got to be kidding. I cannot believe there is someone and others that think supplying alcohol to children is not a crime. Has the law changed? I thought you had to be 21 to legally drink alcohol. They are wrong and need to pay for their crime. I applaud the Sikeston Police Department for doing their job. It does not matter what side of town you live on - a crime is a crime. I have nothing against having a party for what you are calling children. But serve soft drinks next time. It is hard enough raising children nowadays. Parents need to set good examples for them to learn and grow from. If they get away with this, what kind of example are they setting? How about the parents of the children that were at this party? Did they know alcohol was being served? If so, shame on you too!

This is in response to Andrew Powell's "Wrestling starts to grow on columnist." Evidently, Andrew hasn't been around here long because for the past five years the high school program hasn't had more than four kids. If he's looking for fans, the program is going to have to grow. For his remarks on the singlet, he needs to get out more. Maybe this assignment was too tough for him.

We were just wondering why married people that are childless are punished and have to pay in taxes just like people who have children? Hey, I don't think we should have to pay for someone else's kids to go to school and have the best uniforms, the best computers and a lot of stuff. Just because we don't have children, we shouldn't be punished for that. I think they need to make a law if you have children pay taxes to schools, if you don't you shouldn't have to pay taxes to the school. We can pay other taxes but not school taxes.

Mike, I was just calling to let you know that you are so out of touch and for one thing, you're a troublemaker. I think SpeakOut should be taken out of this little country hick paper you have because most people don't even know the issues they're talking about and you don't either. I was making a comment on the Liars, thieves and bullies and you answered we need to volunteer. How much more can the poor people and the veterans and our ex-

veterans volunteer. We are paying half our money in taxes, we're working five days a week and we served our country. To come back and have Ronald Reagan who started all this take our benefits, bust our unions, give everything to his corporate buddies and set up there and act like he was really doing something. So here's my answer, just say no to you Republicans.