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Speakout 11/11

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

I hope someone in the meat department of grocery stores between here and Cape knows where I can buy some ox tails. Please put the information in SpeakOut.

To the person who responded about Section 8 housing. OK. You're a white female with a college education and are living in Section 8 housing because of a disability. It should be by now that you have some kind of income. If you've been living in Section 8 housing, it's time for you to move out and get your own place. How many boyfriends do you have and how many illegitimate children are we taking care of, also?

Speaking of United States' non-existent justice system, if those contractors of the collapsed parking garage had been cited and fined before, why haven't they been charged with homicide in the deaths of all those employees? That's what Israel did when a building collapsed. The elite in the United States want all their charges to play out in civil court, whose judges are bought and paid for - guess who? Let's hear some discussion of the truly elite who aren't even recorded by the IRS for fear the general public might know who really runs things.

I disagree with the SpeakOut comment "the lowest life form on earth is the one who makes an animal suffer." To me, the lowest form of life is the (expletive) in Washington state who plead guilty for raping his 2-month-old daughter; the priests who were supposed to lead our young people to a high moral standard but were raping beautiful young boys all over this country; the (expletive) who abducted two 11-year-old girls in DuQuoin and sexually molested them. The list goes on and on. These people should be put in a cage on the town square and family and friends should be allowed to go by and do a little harm to them every day. They deserve no mercy, no protection.

I am so sick of people bashing the farmers. If you have clothes on your back and food in your belly, you ought to just keep quiet.