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Decline of society begins in the home

Friday, October 4, 2002

Sixteen youngsters ages 10-18 chased down and killed a man in Milwaukee this week. That alone should make your blood boil. But the details of the murder make it even worse.

These young thugs were not necessarily gang members but most of them had prior drug and burglary convictions. They killed a 36 year-old man who had earlier had a confrontation with one of the youngsters. They chased the man, beat him with sticks and rakes, chased him into a house, pulled him out and beat him some more.

Here's my solution. Each youngster - police say the total number of assailants is probably 16 - should spend dozens and dozens of years in jail. And each parent should match that time in jail.

Neighbors say they have had an ongoing problem with the youth who often roam the streets late at night. Like a pack of wild animals, they prey on people and property alike.

Society should not treat these kids as humans. They are animals. And they should be treated as such. We have a major problem in society and yet we're unwilling to address it with the severity it deserves. Most people are reluctant to speak these words but they know them to be true.

My obsessive theme strikes at the heart of this tragedy. There was no parental responsibility nor accountability. And the parents should be held responsible.

I'll make a couple of bets. All of these kids come from single-family households and all are on some form of government assistance. Anyone willing to take that bet? These two common themes are unimportant until you combine them with a lack of parental responsibility. And that then forms a recipe for disaster all too often.

We'll follow this case to the very end. But the sad reality is that this case will be far from the last example of the decay and decline in society. And it makes me sick.

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