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SpeakOut 10/2

Wednesday, October 2, 2002

Call 471-6636

It's not fair that the Standard Democrat is not giving everybody a chance to be in the supermarket shopping spree because we are not subscribers. We get the free Wednesday paper but we also purchase the Sunday paper from the machines. I just don't think it's fair. I think everybody should have a chance.

The shopping spree contest is being conducted to show appreciation to our paid subscribers for their business. If you purchase the Standard Democrat on Sundays at a cost of $1.50 per week at approximately four weeks each month, you're paying $6 for months with four weeks. A subscription is $8.40 per month to have the paper delivered to your home six days a week (subscriptions by mail are $9.80 per month for Missouri residents).

I'm calling about some of the night clubs here in Sikeston. Since when are you not able to go in if you're wearing a muscle shirt. We went to one place and had to leave and go to another place just to play pool. They said we had to leave because my husband was wearing a muscle shirt. Half the women who run around going into bars are half-dressed and that's fine. But at the second place we went to, we got called "poor white trash" because my husband wore a muscle shirt? At the first place, we were told, "We don't need your kind in here." I think they need to take a long, hard look at themselves because I guess we poor white trash can stop taking our business to the local bars.

My son has worked at the Community Sheltered Workshop for a while now and he barely earns $100 a months which is about $1 an hour. Is this legal or not? If it isn't, what can I do about it?

Yes, it is legal. The Community Sheltered Workshop is licensed under a special certificate with the Department of Labor that allows the workshop to pay less than minimum wage. If you would like to make an appointment to learn more about how the Shelter works, contact Harvey Cooper at 472-0583.

I am calling about Charter Cable. My cable is out again and I've been trying to call them for the last half-hour and the line has been busy. Surely they've not just taken the phone off the hook. It would be terrible to know that they'd do something so rude as that.

A main outlet was struck by a truck. The whole city was out for a while.

The American Canine Association? What the heck is this? Can you really get a dog and send its name to any organization and they will "register" it? Have any of these people read up on the American Canine Association? Go to the website, www.acacanines.com They boast a "certificate as attractive as it is large." Okay, correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't this sound like just the thing if what you're looking for is a rousing game of "Mine's Bigger Than Yours?" But if a puppy with a good, healthy background is what you are looking for, the AKC is the obvious choice. Unless you wouldn't mind ending up with a chihuaberman or a poogle.

You stupid idiot. Wal-Mart (at Charleston) closed last year. Downtown businesses have been in and out since the early '80s. Your doctor needs to cut you down on your Valium. You can't even remember yesterday. Take my advice. Buy a plot, and save your kids the trouble. By the way, I have one for sale.

You printed in SpeakOut a comment someone made. "The Democrats lost again in Florida and Janet can't accept it. She's going to start a court fight over it." It was not a Republican-Democrat election. It was a primary election. It was two Democrats against each other to see who would run against the Republican. Come on, you ignoramus. Know what you're talking about before you make a statement. Too many people in this area just flap their jaws. Enough said.

This is in response to the Carnahan thing in the paper on Sept. 20. JoAnn Emerson was elected. She was not put on the ballot at the last minute; they had a special election for her. She was also elected to the regular term the same day she was elected to the unexpired term of her late husband. So what if she got remarried? She is still the same person. She is a good lady. I know her personally.