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SpeakOut 8/1

Thursday, August 1, 2002

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I can't help but wonder if it was legal for the lawmakers in Congress to pass a law to vote themselves a raise the way they do. They should be ashamed to be so sneaky without the public realizing it, especially with the economy the way it is. To me, this action is pretty close to stealing from the public office. How can they kick one of their own out because of ethics? They should all be kicked out if this is the standard. How is it possible, and also legal, to pass this law and raises to get a raise by not voting? It is ridiculous at best.

I heard there is going to be a Target put in the old Kmart building?

We contacted Missy Marshall at the Sikeston Area Chamber of Commerce with your question. "We are not aware of a particular business moving into the Kmart building at this time, although there have been several inquiries about the property.

When you go to a newspaper stand to buy a paper on Sunday, you get all the comics added all in with it. Why is it when you get a newspaper through the mail, it doesn't have the comics in with the rest of the newspaper with the sale bills and stuff in it?

I recently saw a program on "Dateline" about the scandal in the Catholic Church. I have some real good friends who are members of the Catholic Church. I think one solution to the problem would be to let the priests get married. But the most important thing I think they could do to the ones who molest young boys is to castrate them.

I heard several months ago that the city of Miner was going to have a website. I cannot find it. Do you know if there is one?

The City of Miner Website is at www.cityofminer.com

I am speaking out about the Montgomerys, who think the only people who use the health department are poor people. My husband and I are both working people. We both have decent jobs but we have three children and use the health department to get all their immunizations. My oldest daughter is in college and she uses the health department for her yearly physicals and checkups. It's a wrong assumption to think that only the poor people will be going to the health department and that they would want to go to the west end of town to get their care. I wouldn't want to send my teen-age daughter down there by herself to get her physicals; and I wouldn't want to take my younger kids down there to get their shots. I don't think they should go to the health department where nobody else would want to go by themselves.

I am looking for the phone number or address of an auction house north of Cairo, Ill. I don't know if it's in Chicago or back this way.