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Speakout 9-15

Sunday, September 15, 2002

I am calling in regards to the Mississippi County Commissioners wanting to wait until now to do something about the johnson grass. They've waited this long to do something about it and have collected money for it. I do not know why they've waited this long. They waited until election time now.

I had two little neighbor kids come to my door today selling magazines for their school class. These magazine companies and the schools need to stop that. Why can't they sell candy or light bulbs or something that is a lot cheaper? These magazine companies need to take care of their own business. I always buy from the kids, but I'm not buying magazines. The school needs to do something about that.

The loud music that the kids are playing now when they're driving down the road has really gotten ridiculous. My elderly mother and I went to a drive-in restaurant to eat. They used the driveway as a race track and their music was blaring so loud that we couldn't even enjoy our meal. We rolled up our windows and finally just had to leave without even finishing our meals. This is more than just the management. Some of the employees were doing the same thing. I don't want to listen to it, so I won't be back.

I am a Charleston resident and I want to know what the city cops are getting paid for, just sitting in the office? Every time you go by, there are six or seven cars parked there. They're never patrolling the town and that's why there's so much crime in Charleston. Please print this. I think the residents of Charleston need to know; at least let the Charleston Police see this.

Mr. Jensen, are you proud of Page 5 in your Sept. 1 paper? I read our editorials. I don't always agree with you, but I subscribe to the paper for the local news, not trash. And I'm surprised that you would print such trash. Starting with the quote at the very top at the page, who cares what Cepparulo says? And the quote by Rolf Eden, that is all trash. And you know what? I do not subscribe to your paper for that. I turned to that page to read the Joke of the Week. When I saw those words and the rest, I was shocked. We do not need that page in the paper and I certainly don't have to renew my subscription. I am surprised at you as publisher for putting this trash in the paper.

I saw on the History Channel where Teddy Roosevelt passed the Panama Canal Bill. A lot of blood, tears and death got it built. And you know "Peanut" Carter, one of the sorriest presidents we've ever had, gave it away. What a shame.

I watched the telethon almost all day on Labor Day and I enjoyed it so much. They got such a big offering for Muscular Dystrophy, more than they ever have, and I believe it is because so many people can't afford cable TV and were able to see it. You might think about it the next time you have a telethon here and have it on a regular station so more people can see it and give money. It was so good and I sure did enjoy it. I was glad to see so many people give to it. It was for a good cause.