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SpeakOut 9/19

Thursday, September 19, 2002

Call 471-6636

Please correct the record. Sikeston did have a win over Bernie in volleyball. In 1992 the 1993 season, 10 years ago, Bernie went on to win the state championship in their division.

Thanks for the info.

I got a letter from the Sikeston Public School system stating that it is a disgrace for any kid to come to the school discussing their heritage of coming from a Confederate and it's a disgrace to wear apparel of anything pertaining to the Confederate flag and it's not to be discussed at all and students can be suspended up to 10 days if caught discussing or wearing any kind of Confederate apparel.

I read in a book where Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt just bought a 12,000-square foot, six bedroom mansion in Beverly Hills. I guess they can afford it because on her show, she makes $1 million every episode and signed a new contract to be on there another year. That's a lot of money.

I'm calling in rebuttal to the SpeakOut call concerning the billboard advertising breast-feeding mothers. Chances are, it was either paid for by the Department of Health or by private groups. Breast-feeding increases the child's immune system and usually creates a bond between the parent and the child. It also tends to have kids who are less overweight. Breast-feeding is a unique gift that God gives to mothers to share with their children. More and more third-world countries were convinced that breast-feeding was wrong or immoral, thus having them buy formula, thus making the makers a lot of money. I think what they're asking us to do is to be supportive and not ostracize people who choose to breast-feed.

I'm calling about the comment "Money wasted" about the billboard advertising breast-feeding mothers. This person needs to get more information. Breast-feeding or bottle feeding is a matter of personal choice, although breast-feeding is better for the baby. It's not a waste of money. I'm sure money was raised just for that purpose. Mothers who choose to breast-feed need encouragement.

I need some help. I am an employee with the State of Missouri under the Missouri Consolidated Healthcare Plan. We just received more information where they're jacking up our co-pays and reducing what they pay on medical on the prescriptions and stuff. Now it's where I'm paying the 80 percent and they're paying the 20. We've been ripped off and messed with, with this insurance for the last several years. The people in our area get no benefits but the people in the big city get all the good stuff. What congressman, senator, governor or who in the heck we need to file a complaint with about why they keep charging us these dad-blasted high premiums and keep reducing our benefits. Can you help me? I don't know where to start looking. I've called them but they don't like hearing from me.

I have a question for SpeakOut. The Lone Ranger's horse's name was "Silver." What was Tonto's horse's name? I can't remember.

Tonto's horse is named "Scout," who was a bay and white-colored pinto. Originally, Tonto rode double with the Lone Ranger on "Silver." After a publicity photo was taken of the Lone Ranger and Tonto this way, WXYZ wisely decided to give Tonto his own steed. Scout was originally supposed to be solid white like Silver, but when they made the movie serials they realized that it would make Silver less impressive that way, so Scout was changed. Scout was always named Scout in the TV serials but was called "White Feller" in the early Lone Ranger novels. More information on the Lone Ranger and Tonto is available on the Internet at www.endeavorcomics.com/largent/lr1.html

Mr. Jensen, will you please print this? I'm sorry to say that you spend more time on George Bush's, one-term George welfare than you do on the news.