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Monday, February 18, 2002

Call 471-6636

I'm calling about the accident on Highway 61. First off, I don't recall seeing any signs posting a minimum speed limit. Unsafe, maybe yes, but illegal? No. I wasn't really surprised at the report and I don't think many people were because, after all, we've got that good old boy's club that's got to stick together. If there were cars behind there, it would have definitely obstructed her view to see the light on the dash of the car. The first report was they didn't know if the siren was on or not, but now all of a sudden, it was, which sounds a little suspicious too. I think the officer was as much to blame, if not more, than the driver was. In the first place, a stolen vehicle is no excuse to be driving that fast on a two-lane highway and endangering the lives and safety of other people because of a stolen vehicle, which is important, but not as important as the safety of the people on the highway. I'm sure he will be exonerated and that she will be blamed if there's any way possible.

The crash of the Scott County deputy and the Orman car continues to be discussed without considering the real issue, which is why police can drive at 70-75 mph to investigate a stolen truck. Please do this everywhere. If the speed was just 60 miles an hour, it still would not be as dangerous and they would arrive a minute or so later, and then the injuries and death of people like the Ormans would not have happened. Instead, it is now being blamed on Orman. The whole community is stupid.

Unfair practices

I read where someone called in about people on Medicaid and that's the truth. At one time, I worked three low-paying jobs to support myself and put my children through school. I worked all my life and I paid into everything. Now I draw Social Security but they keep raising my Medicare and I don't qualify for Medicaid. All the people I know who have Medicaid are people who have lived on welfare all their lives, they never worked a day in their life. Now they're living on Medicaid and they're getting everything paid for - dentures, glasses, hospital bills, ambulance rides and poor people like me on Medicare have to pay for my own medicine and everything. It just isn't fair. Those people should be shipped out of the country or something. They never produced anything in their lives, they're certainly not going to produce it now. They need to get rid of those kinds of people.

I would like to say that I appreciate Officer (Jack) Burton for being so nice and polite to my daughter and me last Friday. He was really nice. He talked to us nice, didn't get mean - he was just so nice and I want him to know we really appreciate him. Thank God we have good officers here in Sikeston. If you're nice to them, they'll be nice to you - even if you're not nice. I've seen situations where they were still very nice and polite. Thank you and may God always bless and protect our officers.

This is to the dog owners in Charleston. If you want your dogs, you better keep them up. We are sick and tired of them coming into our yards and tearing up everything, turning our garbage cans over. Anything they can do, they do. Keep them up or else.