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SpeakOut 11/6

Thursday, November 6, 2003

Call 471-6636

Mike, as I read your editorial on Henry Waxman, I realized that your hatred of Democrats has blinded you to the truth about our government's wasteful spending. Where was your indignation over Kit Bond being instrumental in bringing a quarter-million taxpayer dollars to Kansas City to study the golf culture among teen-agers? And the record clearly shows that the biggest pork spender of all is Republican Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaska. We will never get a handle on this problem as long as people like you make it look like the Democrats are the only ones who are behaving badly.

I had some storm windows stolen from my front yard on Helen Street. If anyone tries to sell you some storm windows, call the Sikeston Department of Public Safety at 471-4711.

To the people who want to know what is growing north of Miner on Blodgett Road, it's horse radishes on the Horner Farm. It is used to make horseradish and is usually dug in the spring.

How in God's name can a supposed leader of our beautiful country flit around all the world and completely ignore taking care of things at home that need taken care of badly. George W. Bush is ignoring the most important needs at home. Slowly this country is leaving God out of this country. How can we survive without God? He is ignoring everything, letting the veterans and senior citizens alone and on and on, while he is running all around God's country. Please, get this man out of office quickly.

I can't understand anything about the D.C. sniper trial. The lawyers already have 880,000-plus and won't move. They know they are guilty because they have the rifle and the bullets that killed 13 people. Muhammad's lawyers filed for $401,785 and Malico's lawyer filed for $478,677. What is our system coming to? Anybody who is 100 yards away and can shoot a person in the head at night cannot be insane. We have a sick system. They should have been on death row six months ago.

I would like to contact any veteran with a MOS of 805. If there are any of you out there, please leave your phone number in SpeakOut so I can contact you.