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SpeakOut 7/24

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

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Years back, people would move into Missouri because of the low taxes and costs of living here. That has totally changed. Missouri doesn't have a lot of good-paying jobs to keep up. I have lived here all my life. If these high prices keep going, I am going to move to another state. Our state has gone out of control on wasting taxpayers' money.

What is happening to a large department store here in town? They run ad after ad but they don't have any selections at all. I see people going in just like I do and come out empty-handed. This has been going on for several months now. Are they going out of business?

I for one would like to see better roads in Missouri. I wouldn't mind paying 4-cents more for this. The only thing I think about is all the taxes that have been paid before haven't helped. We now pay 17 cents on each gallon of fuel, plus the U.S. tax, which makes the total more than 41 cents. The problem is, when politicians get their hands on this, it never gets to the roads. There are always their pet peeves they need money for. I, for one, have never found out what happened to the 6 cents that was passed a few years ago. If you know what happened to this money, Mr. Jensen, would you please put it in the paper? If 6 cents couldn't fix the roads, how is another 4 cents going to make it? All the roads aren't better.

I was checking out at a local store and the cashier was wearing a scarf on her head. I think the employees should dress better than that. It looked really tacky for the employee to be dressed like that.

I'm not going to vote for raising the taxes for the roads. They spent $20 million just to study I-70. Why would we want to raise our taxes more just so they can blow more money? Twenty million dollars could have done a lot of work on the roads down here. They're just wasting the taxpayers' money and we're tired of being taxed.

I would like to send a message for the car hops. Most people don't tip car hops, but I do. I suggest that you greet me with a smile and say hello. Otherwise, the money stays in my purse. You never know who is planning to tip you. So you better smile.

Hummingbirds are all over the place but they're very small and very hard to see. In the afternoons they are probably flying around more. I stopped at a rest stop in Dyersburg, Tenn. They had a place that had a lot of cedars and the hummingbirds are plentiful there. If you want to see a hummingbird up close and you want to see them eating, then that's the place to go see them.

There is a man who parks his blue truck in the alley behind the 800 block of Matthews Street. He blocks us in every morning. We would like to ask this man to stop parking his truck there. We don't want to have to go to the police.