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Focus on criminals' rights is all wrong

Sunday, January 9, 2005

Serial killer Michael Ross wants to die. The courts and the state of Connecticut want to grant him his wish. And despite sitting on death row for 15 years, the execution is in limbo because the Connecticut Civil Liberties Union believes capital punishment is cruel and unusual. And thus, the system of justice is held captive because a group of civil libertarians are not getting their way.

Society, not the ACLU, is at fault here. We - and that means all of us - allow these foolish legal shenanigans to continue. In the end, the laws and the majority opinion are ignored. And justice is delayed.

Ross does not deny nor make excuses for his past. He admitted raping and killing eight women in Connecticut and New York. Ross says he is capable of filing his own lawsuits if he wishes but that is not his wish. Instead, in a competent manner, he wants his Jan. 25th date with the executioner.

In a bizarre manner of reasoning, the ACLU does not oppose the death penalty in general but rather the form of lethal injection. They said in court that the sedatives administered prior to execution might be ineffective and cause pain and discomfort to Ross when the poison enters his bloodstream. They call the execution "torture." Of course, they make no mention of the torture or the pain suffered by the eight victims. But then again, they never do.

It's been 45 years since any state in New England has executed anyone. The ACLU fears that if Ross is executed, the doors will open to more capital cases. They're probably right. But that is exactly how justice and our system of laws is designed to work.

There are enemies outside of our borders and there are enemies within our borders. It may be too strong to label the ACLU as an enemy but their actions all too often run counter to the overwhelming sentiments of this nation. So what would you call an organization whose mission is to battle the majority opinion and the laws of our country?

We put so much focus and attention on the rights of criminals in our society. But the time is rapidly coming when the victims deserve their justice as well. If society stands by and allows narrow minority voices to prevail, then we deserve just what we get.

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