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Speakout 10/29

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

In the Oct. 19 Standard Democrat it shows George Simmons among the first 30 lots developed in the new Cotton Estates Subdivision. This man has the right idea. It's just that the prices are going to be outrageous on those kinds of homes. You let the people come in there and do this and you know you haven't got the industry on the north side in the new industrial park and places for people to work and make the money to buy these houses. That's what makes the city of Sikeston look so stupid. Mike Marshall, you're the mayor now. It's time for you to get on board here. Malone Avenue is supposed to be the dividing center of Sikeston and you should keep as much of Sikeston built on the south side as on the north. People come here from other areas and wonder where the main part of town is. I've never seen a town so scattered and broken up in all my life. That doesn't fare well for Sikeston. Get in gear and get some of the land developed on the north side of Sikeston too. You're on the right track. But you're going to have to get some housing below $75,000. You don't have the jobs for people to be able to afford to buy those kinds of homes. What's so hard to understand about that?

To the customer who complained about the extra ear piercings, nose piercings, whatever. I don't care what somebody looks like. As long as they're clean and are very friendly to me, I will be their customer.

The Standard Democrat is no longer reporting the news in Charleston like city council meetings and stuff. A lot is going on over here now with the council on requests for a game room and different things that would be of concern to citizens here in Charleston. Get back on the ball and start reporting the Charleston City Council meetings and the other good news and bad news in Charleston. I also see where there is a deadline for building demolition downtown. That's also a big issue. I would appreciate it if you would start reporting on the Charleston City Council again and what's going on in Charleston. I subscribe to your paper and would appreciate it if you would start printing it.

I was shopping at Lowe's a few days ago and two gentlemen in the Lawn and Garden Department were very helpful. They were polite and willing to help and answer any questions I had. Their names are Mike and Josh. If any management at Lowe's reads this, give these two gentlemen a pat on the back. I would recommend anyone to work with these two.

Someone lost a set of keys at Highway 60 & FF, near the DGA station. I have them. If you believe they are yours, call 667-5246 and identify them. There are a few things on the key ring that can be named to identify them.

There seems to be a baby contest every week in either Morehouse, Matthews or New Madrid. Why do you parents feel the need to parade your kids around in front of all of those other parents who are sure that their baby is prettier than yours? Take that money and buy those kids a toy, they will enjoy it a whole lot more.