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Speakout 5/3

Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Sirs, as I see you listed many 8th graders from the track meet,

I am a parent of a 9th grader. You have disrespected these folks very badly. They work very hard to be the best they can be.

We have one of the best 4x100 in Southeast Missouri. They will break the record again this year, three or four times last year. We like to read our kids name to as do they.

My son does not run. Thank you.

The meet covered was for eighth graders only.

There are still some nice people in this world. I want to thank the nice lady who gave me the beautiful flowers from her garage sale because I did not have enough money to pay for them. That was very kind of her. She lives on Red Arrow Street and I think her name is Cindy. Thank you for being so kind and God bless you.

We are always told the community should look out for each other and call the police if they see a crime being committed. Well, that's what someone did. Saturday afternoon my son's car wouldn't start after a group of kids got done playing football in the park on Carroll Street. I did not have the until Sunday to have it towed, so it sat. I even let the police know it would be there if they could check on it during their runs. My son's friend, who could see his car from his house, called the police around 2 a.m. Sunday. The child told them the care is being broken into. He was told, 'Sorry can't do anything if it's not your car.' I understand prank calls happen but when someone calls in and is not afraid to tell you all his information, it should be taken seriously. What if that was someone's house? Sorry not your house..... So now my son has a car that is not running and a broken back glass with only liability because it's so high for a new driver, we are just out. Please don't let this happen to other people.

I have lived in this nice neighborhood for 10 years and never saw anything bad until Friday. Three girls, one small and two bigger or older, came walking down the street. The small girl ran across my yard into my flower bed. I just had two tulips in my flower bed. The small girl broke off both of them, tore one up and threw the other in my driveway. I called to her about what she did but all three of the girls just laughed. I told them I wished I knew their parents. Mom and Dad make your little girls stay away from the bigger girls please. I'm sure they put her up to doing what she did. I just had my oil changed at one of those quick-change places in Sikeston. I know I can't say the name of it. My vehicle held four quarts of oil and they changed the filter. Nothing else was needed. They checked the air in the tires and did a quick vacuum job. They don't wash vehicle any more. I was charged over $40. I think this is price-gouging at its finest. If you are unable to change your own oil, watch where you go and ask about the price first. The price on their sign is misleading.

I would like to applaud to the person who wrote in that this town has no sense of history. I agree with you wholeheartedly. Every historic piece in Sikeston they are tearing down and they advertise this as an historical downtown - what a laugh.