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SpeakOut 9/26

Thursday, September 26, 2002

Call 471-6636

I went to The First National Bank in Sikeston and took my paycheck and a friend's check to get them cashed. My friend didn't count his. When he did, he said he was $100 short. So we went back to the bank and they were very courteous. They said they would have to balance the cash drawer. They did and found the drawer was $100 over and returned my friend's money to him. I thank God for their courtesy and honesty.

This is for the people at a veterans organization who are writing anonymous letters trying to destroy a person's reputation. You are a very sick person and must not think well of yourself, or you would sign your letters. Your scheming did not work, so please grow up and get a life.

I'm calling about the SpeakOut comment in the Sept. 13 paper about the mail boxes at the Post Office. I do not work at the Post Office and it is not the fault of the people who do work there. It is the idiots who put the mail in the boxes. I have been behind people putting mail in those boxes. You can't expect a 3- or 4-inch stack of mail with a rubber band around the stack to go through the slot. I believe the Post Office has asked the people before to take the rubber bands off before trying to put the mail in the boxes. Duh! Stop and use a little common sense if you have any.

I read about the Sept. 13 Charleston-Sikeston rivalry game. Well, once again, Charleston didn't win this year. It might be a long time before you win another one. Better luck next year, Blue Jays. Bulldogs rule!

The Charleston prison has been here for a year now and what has happened? We have had Wal-Mart close, a couple of downtown businesses have locked their doors. We have more homes in Charleston now with for sale signs and some of them have been for sale for a couple of years, but no takers. Has the prison really helped Charleston that much? I think not. I think it's only helped the local politicians who can brag about their big accomplishments, when it has really done nothing for the town.

I wonder if the Heckemeyer bunch is all out to get Peter Myers out. I thought he was a pretty good guy. Maybe they want an extreme left-winger. I see where they're pushing hard. All you Democrats and Republicans arguing among yourselves. I heard a little bit of the Heckemeyer show the other day. I never heard so much hatred in my life. Man, I'll tell you what. I don't know how we can survive in this country with so much hatred in politics. The ragheads is going to take us under if we don't wake up and work together. Wake up, all you yellow dogs. You and the Republicans should work together or you're going to have a time defeating the Muslims. They're out to destroy this country.

I see where Talent has started his negative attack ads on Mrs. Carnahan. He should be ashamed for starting up this nonsense.

Information, please

Can anybody tell me where the welfare office is at? I want to get my check started like 95 percent of the other people in Sikeston.