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SpeakOut 9/25

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Call 471-6636

I just received the Sept. 11 paper and was calling about the flyer that was added in about what the people down in the south end of the county that are asking us in the north end of the county, as taxpayers and voters of the R-1 School District, to vote on the bond issue that's coming up in November on the school. They have put what they call a fact sheet that has nothing but non-facts in it. I can't believe that people who have signed their name to it have signed something that had no facts in it. I hope people in the north end of the county vote against what they're trying to push on us and start thinking about these young children they're trying to put on the bus and ride all over the country for hours and hours each day. Let's start thinking about the kids. This is all for the adults and nothing for the kids.

You're a bunch of losers, SpeakOut, that's all you are is losers because you're too cheap to run a Power Points game in your paper. I'm a loyal subscriber, but I'll tell you what. After that, I'm fixing to drop you people. You are all losers.

What happened to the Power Points? Is it going to be in the paper this year? We always enjoyed it. It was a family thing, we could all play and compete against each other. Are you going to do it? If not, why? And if not, is there any place else around that does it? Speak it out.

We know the Power Points game will be missed by all who participated in it. It was decided that with the steady decline in participation over the past few years that it wasn't feasible for us to play any longer. We are looking at "new" contests this year to provide better and larger response for all our subscribers, so stay with us and your opportunity for winning will still be there!

All you abortionists out there, I know your heart's in the right place, but you're just not getting the job done. There are just too many people out there. You can't even go to the grocery store anymore without having to fight your way through a whole slough of dottering old-timers. It's all well and good to kill babies, but you abortionists are going to have to think bigger than that. You're still going to have a population problem until you start doing away with old folks just like them babies. That's just common sense. Now if we can just get some abortionist candidates on the ballot this fall that are as much in favor of killing old folks as they are in killing babies, they'll get my vote, by golly.

If you're lucky, maybe one of these days you'll wake up and find out you're one of those dottering old-timers.

I simply could not believe what I read in the paper, that Ferguson Medical Group is suing Dr. Helfrich. He is the best surgeon they've ever had, as far as I know. I had surgery and he's the man I picked. I had decided against one surgeon and had two more choices and chose Dr. Helfrich. I would have been dead if he weren't for him. Now Ferguson doesn't have a surgeon. I just can't believe it!

I am not a business owner here in Sikeston and I don't work in Sikeston, but I'm just a customer who would like to say thank you to the owners of the gas stations and stores that have kept the prices way lower than Mississippi and New Madrid counties.

The term "Dumb is the fault of owner" is going to take on a new meaning after the recent elections in Florida. Once again, the Democrats lost and Janet can't accept it. She's going to start a court fight over it.

I am calling about the Charleston Blue Jays offensive line and defensive line. I don't understand why you only interview running backs and quarter backs. If it wasn't for the offensive and defensive lines, there would be no touchdowns scored, and no winners or losers. The offensive line holds the other team off and the defensive line keeps the other team from scoring. I would appreciate it if you would interview offensive and defensive lines. If it weren't for them, there wouldn't be any football team.

We certainly understand the importance of the men in the "trenches." That's why we ran a picture of three offensive linemen along with the starting running back for Charleston in our preseason football tab. As for the interviews, we have only talked to coaches after games, not players.

The Sept. 15 paper said we're going to get a $2 refund check. Our governor is really outdoing himself today. Why don't you waste our money again?