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Missou-rah is the only way to say it

Tuesday, August 20, 2002

I demand a recount! A mock election held this past week at the Missouri State Fair has upset my day. It strikes at the heart of a critical state issue that has circulated for more than a century. And the results are outrageous and demand the protest of any truth-seeking Missourian. The ballot question? Do you pronounce the state's name "Missou-ree" or "Missou-rah"? Can you believe that "Missou-ree" won by a landslide?

The State Fair, held annually in Sedalia, attracts thousands of visitors. But let's be honest. Most of those attending come from the central and northern part of the state, primarily from the Kansas City region. And well, those folk just talk funny. That skewed the election results from those northern-speaking folk. You hold the same election at our Cotton Carnival, for example, and "Missou-rah" wins by a landslide.

Sure the election exercise was all in fun. Secretary of State Matt Blunt, who voted for the correct "rah" version of the name, used the mock election to highlight the workings of his office. But to be fair, Blunt needs to take the vote on the road and see what the southern half of the state thinks.

Heck you can go way back to the Civil War to recognize that our state is fairly well divided between the northern and southern half. And there are stark differences to this very day. Just one of those differences, I believe, is how we pronounce the name of our home state. And as you all know, the northern half gets it wrong every time.

As additional proof of the farce is that the very same voters in Sedalia picked the Kansas City Chiefs over the St. Louis Rams as the best football team in the state. The Rams should demand a federal investigation at the very least.

This one-sided result will not end the debate. Blunt will be in Sikeston soon and when he sits down at this office for coffee, he'll get an earful. "Missou-ree" indeed!

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