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SpeakOut 8/2

Friday, August 2, 2002

Call 471-6636

If other mail carriers can deliver on a schedule, why can't the ones for Heckemeyer Acres? We receive our mail any time between noon and 7 p.m. It also seems he delivers things when he decides. If you have medicine or papers sent through the mail, you can almost guarantee it will arrive five to seven days later than it should. Complaints to the Sikeston Post Office only make matters worse. Something needs to be done to restore order to our postal service.

Why are the martins swarming so early this year? They usually don't come until the second week of August. Maybe the whole weather system is affecting them this year.

I'm calling in response to "A good night's sleep," that was in SpeakOut on July 23. Drew Juden is not the only one who is actually accomplishing anything on the west end of town. It's not just people who live on the west end of town, but everybody who lives in Scott County needs to realize that without a good prosecuting attorney, nothing is going to happen for anybody on any end of town.

I think a certain church in Charleston needs to think twice about what they do with their money. They're always asking and sending letters for money. Do you know how much medicine costs for senior citizens? They spend all that money for Bible school and other people's children and all, that's just free baby sitting. You need to get your priorities straight.

I am calling about the "Rookie Cookie" recipes. I enjoy them so much. I thought I saw a copy of a Chocolate Chess Pie recently. If anybody happened to get a copy of that, I'd like to have it. I missed it.