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Justice isn't always served by the court

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

"Sometimes society's justice pales in comparison to the justice rendered from a higher power."

Some of you may view today's column as being in poor taste - mean-spirited and cruel. If that's the case, kindly accept my apology now because I'm going to write it anyway. I view the following story as both ironic and fitting, given the circumstances. You may well view it differently. To me, it deals with the ultimate justice from above.

This past Saturday at 5:30 a.m., two people drove up to a Jack in the Box restaurant in St. Louis with evil on their minds. A former female employee had apparently stolen a key to the restaurant. She and her male companion were about to rob the restaurant. The male used the key to enter the locked restaurant. He confronted the restaurant manager who had just begun to prepare for the day's business. The male demanded money from the register and carried a sawed-off rifle to prove his point. He took the cash and ripped the phone off the wall before they exited.

The man ran to the waiting get-away car driven by the former female employee. They roared out of the parking lot with the headlights off in their haste to flee. A police officer nearby saw the speeding vehicle and began pursuit.

The armed robbers hit 70 mph in their get-away with the police officer on their heels. The woman driver refused to halt and instead entered a construction zone in that early morning hour. The woman lost control of the car which flipped end-to-end several times.

The man was thrown from the vehicle and landed in an embankment. The woman struck bales of hay at the construction site and was impaled in her upper back by a wooden stake used to secure the bales.

Both of the armed robbers are now paralyzed - she from the neck down and he from the waist down. Doctors don't give them much chance for improvement.

As sad as this ending is it's also somehow appropriate in a sense. Sometimes society's justice pales in comparison to the justice rendered from a higher power. These two armed robbers will have years and years to think about their misdeeds. They will have daily, if not hourly, reminders of that fateful day when they decided to commit a crime. The crime was against man but the justice came from above. Now that my friends is a lesson in irony that should hit home.

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