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SpeakOut 10/15

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

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I understand your point on elderly drivers, but every time this point is made, I would like to ask a question to the author. Now I can. When is the last time you offered to take an elderly person to the store, the doctor's office, the pharmacy, Wal-Mart, or just for a drive to see what has changed? There is no public transportation here. I think most elderly people would probably prefer not to drive themselves, but have no other way to go. Don't suggest a taxi, unless you're willing to take one first. My mother quit driving when I retired, because I take her everywhere now. Before, she had no way to go while I was at work. She was happy to quit driving. Instead of people saying, "If you need something, call me," why not suggest people ask the elderly what day would be good for them to come by and take them the places they need to go?

Point one: I agree on the taxi issue. NO way for me. Point two: An offer was actually made this week to an older driver who was unable to attend a Cotton Carnival event because it was after dark. Your points are well made.

This is in regard to the article in SpeakOut about the East Prairie football team being fed on Thursdays. The parents of the players started this about 10 years ago. The money is passed from local business and themselves. They pay for everything down to the paper plates. The school system has never paid any money on the meals. The person calling or any parent of a child on the softball, baseball, basketball or track team can put in the same time and energy and do the same for their child.

I would like to respond to the SpeakOut about the East Prairie football players getting the big meals on Thursday night. This is not provided by the school system. This is provided by the parents of the boys who are playing football. We have raised the money ourselves. We have the meals fixed for the boys and we do this as a gift to the team. The school has nothing to do with this other than providing a place to serve it. If the parents of the softball girls would like to do this, then they could to it also.

Mike Jensen, thank you so much for the editorial in the paper about the trash left behind after the parade. It is pathetic when the grocery stores give you free bags, that you can't put one in your vehicle to use for trash. People are so lazy.

I was reading the comment about "Fair is fair." I'm a subscriber to the newspaper and get mine through the mail, but I still have to go to the store just to get the sale bills to know what's on sale at local stores.

Hey, Mr. Mike, you have done a great job - two really good editorials two days in a row! This one is about the foster parents. I think there needs to be some heavy duty checking into not only foster parents in the big cities but all over this state. You're right on that one because I know foster parents who have kids just shoved everywhere in their house and all they care about are the checks. The doors and windows are busted, the water doesn't work, the lights don't work right and these kids are allowed to live in these homes. I know other people who are foster parents who haven't had placement in six to eight months and these are good foster parents. Somebody who cries on the right shoulder is getting all these kids for some odd reason. But anyway, good job, buddy. Hang in there. Also, tell them people who are griping about us subscribers getting a chance to win that free shopping spree, thank you for that because we need a reward once in awhile. Put one in my paper too, while you're at it.

I'm calling about the article where it said Talent had started his negative attacks on Mrs. Carnahan. Maybe this caller hadn't read the paper and heard the news on how Mrs. Carnahan has put Mr. Talent down. Read the paper and you will understand that he is not a bad man.

I'm a resident on North Ingram and would like to voice my opinion about the speeders on North Ingram. Last Thursday night my dog was hit in front of the yard. She was hit and the speeder did not stop. Also this week a little girl was hit. The speeding is out of control on this street. The speed limit is 35 mph. Just yesterday two people were caught drag racing going at least 80 mph. My neighbor pulled out in front of them and almost got killed. Let's try to slow these people down. There is only one speed limit on our street and no one does 35. Please print this and voice our opinion for us. This is very important to us on North Ingram.