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Speakout 12/20

Monday, December 20, 2004

I am a landlord in Marston and have a couple of trailers in Marston with slum tenants in them. They don't pay their gas and electric bills, won't pay their rent and won't move. What can I do about this?

Contact the Sheriff's Department for advice.

My Christmas wish is that John McMillen and W.T. Woods would please lose their intellectual talents in the coming year. They are like two juveniles who think the rest of the American people are illiterate or stupid. I wish they would refrain from trying to write the stupid articles that each of them continues to put in my newspaper. It is a waste of time and effort and certainly neither of them are intellectual.

This is the answer to "Unusual recipe." My mother used to make this recipe for us every Christmas. It's called Potato Candy. You boil a small potato, drain it, use confectioner's sugar (it will be very thin but will begin to thicken up), add peanut butter, pecans if you wish and pat it out. My mother always let it set out for about a week before we got to eat it. It's very delicious and very sweet.

To the person in SpeakOut who wants the recipe for candy made with mashed potatoes, here's the recipe: Prepare 1/4 cup instant potatoes with milk, butter and salt, just as you would to serve at a meal. Add enough confectioner's sugar to form pie crust stage. Sprinkle powdered sugar on waxed paper. Roll out ball of potato/sugar mixture and spread with peanut butter. Roll up and leave on waxed paper. Put this in the freezer for 10 minutes, slice and it's ready to serve.

The recipe that you are looking for is called Tater Candy. It's made of mashed potatoes and powdered sugar, blended together and made into a dough, with peanut butter smeared on it, rolled up and cut into slices and it's ready to eat.

I am a senior citizen and needed to have renewed my car insurance. I have two cars, one mid-size and one work car. I have found that AARP and Geico and several others in town were anywhere from $600 to $850 for six months' insurance with full coverage. I continued to check around and found that one was under $500 in Sikeston. We have a good driving record, so it pays to do some checking. I am sure some of you say, "I have been with a certain company for years and they will take care of me." Just have an accident and you will see just how much they take care of you when they raise the rates.