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Americans ringing in holiday season

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

I had the distinct pleasure Saturday afternoon of spending some quality Christmas shopping time with every other human on the face of the earth - or so it seemed. If the economy is currently in a lull, you most certainly could not tell it from the masses who managed to pick the exact time and place where I was located. In short, the dollars were flowing freely.

During my Saturday afternoon foray into the mall world of madness, I arrived at two conclusions. First, far too many among us need to shed a pound or two this holiday season. I won't be tacky and go into detail. But suffice to say that the Atkins diet craze that is sweeping the nation has yet to arrive in many households. I'll just leave it at that.

But even more striking than the obvious weight issue was the unbelievable proliferation and use of cell phones. I kid you not - I swear I saw a thousand or more cell phones in use during my shopping experience. Age, race nor gender made any difference. They were everywhere, including the photo phones in use on Santa's lap!

I overheard discussions concerning Christmas purchases, dining arrangements and just plain gossip. Businessmen and hip hoppers alike walked and talked. It was simply amazing.

Of course the discussion is whether cell phones are a convenience or a nuisance. At different times I fall on different sides of the issue. What was funny was the reaction when one of the modern monsters started to ring. In unison, a half dozen people would reach for their pockets or purses. And then, presto - the winner was the young mother with child in stroller. And the other shoppers looked in disgust or relief that it was not their cell phone ringing.

I know you've wondered as I have - what in the world did we do before the arrival of the cell phone? Were we all walking around in the information wilderness, unable to call and ask an appropriate size of clothing or to finalize the details for the evening's agenda? How did we ever function without this wireless wizard attached like a new appendage?

But there's no going back now. Cell phones will advance to a level we're unable to imagine today. And they will grow in numbers like mushrooms following a storm.

I'm showing my age I guess. I'd much rather choose a wrong size and plead ignorance than to check on my cell phone while standing in some checkout line in some mall cubicle along with every other idiot on the planet.

Oh well, it's time to close this observation on modern living. My cell phone is ringing!

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