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Speakout 3/18

Monday, March 18, 2002

Call 471-6636

I've called in my last call to you folks. You don't get anything right. The newscasters on NBC get $2- to $6 million and you wrote it up "billion." If you had read it before you printed it, you would know that "billion" was just ridiculous. Just errors, errors, errors.

Our transcriber wound your comment back several times and it always sounded like "billion," which as you said, would be ridiculous. When calls are prerecorded they are often unclear when they are played back. Many calls are not printed because callers talk very fast or have their TV's, radios or loud talking in the background. However, your calls are usually pretty clear. We apologize for the error.

My thoughts are with Kmart's hard working, friendly employees. I will miss their friendly faces and their kindness. I realize the decision to close was made far away from Sikeston, however I would offer the one reason of the low bottom-line performance of the local Kmart. They know who they are. Yes, it's the senior citizens who run roughshod through the aisles on a day-in, day-out basis, hogging the aisles and making the shopping experience a not-so-pleasant experience for many of us spending customers. Apparently all these people spent there was their time, and little else. I know several people who chose not to shop there due to the hordes of senior citizens running roughshod through the aisles, bumping people and don't even offer a simple "excuse me" or "I'm sorry." Shame on you rude walkers. Please do your walking outdoors or someplace else and allow us shoppers to do our shopping.

On March 8 or 9 a heavy wind was blowing through the west part of Sikeston through the Hunter West Addition. A rather large patio umbrella wound up behind my pickup truck. If someone who lost it would like to identify it, they can call 471-0309 and describe it and I'll be glad to return it to them. Otherwise I'll have to get rid of it.

All you truck drivers, listen up. Down at the Portageville exit, there's a McDonald's and a lot of you have been stopping there and parking on the service station lot and walking over to McDonald's. The owner of the service station doesn't want you parking on his lot and then going somewhere else to spend your money.

In response to the caller who criticized Mr. Woods' letter, I think the caller misunderstood what Mr. Wood said. Mr. Wood is right about these politicians we elect into office. They say one thing when they're running, but forget these promises once they're elected. All these people who were abortion, that we elected, haven't done anything. I guarantee you they'll be back for our vote singing that same song again. Even Republican Jim Talent promised us all those years he was in Congress that he was against abortion. Well, right here in the March 8 St. Louis Post-Dispatch he says he supports abortion. I guess when he's in the city he supports it, and when he's here, he doesn't. What a crock.