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SEMO Conference at a Glance

Friday, September 20, 2002

Place, time: Sikeston High School, 7:30 p.m.

Coaches: Sikeston's Charlie Vickery (2-0), Dexter's Aaron Pixley (0-2).

Last year: Sikeston won 38-6

Last week: Sikeston beat Charleston 24-6. Dexter lost to Gosnell, Ark., 28-7

Players to watch: SIKESTON - (LB) Jacob Priday, (DB) Michael Colon, (QB) Blake DeWitt. DEXTER -- (RB) Matt Burnett, (QB) Preston Clark, (WR) Willie Dooley.

Outlook: Sikeston has won 11 of the last 12 meetings with Dexter.

Favorite: Sikeston


Jackson at Pattonville

Place, time: Pattonville High School, 7 p.m.

Coaches: Jackson's Carl Gross (0-2), Pattonville's Don Greco.

Last year: Did not play

Last week: Jackson lost to Rockwood Summit 18-0. Pattonville beat Ritenous 42-13.

Players to watch: JACKSON -- (RB) Jason Meystedt, (FB) Justin Rollet, (WR) Tyler Boyd. PATTONVILLE -- (QB) Chris Hall, (RB) Cory Henley, (RB) John Morris.

Outlook: Pattonville is traditionally one of St. Louis' best. They are currently ranked No. 5 in Class 6.

Favorite: Pattonville


Poplar Bluff at Ozark

Place, time: Ozark High School, 7:30 p.m.

Coaches: Poplar Bluff's Mike Dormady (1-1), Ozark's Chris Allison (2-0).

Last year: Did not play.

Last week: Poplar Bluff lost to Blytheville, Ark., 42-6. Ozark beat Cleveland-NJROTC 35-11.

Players to watch: POPLAR BLUFF -- (QB) Mark Gum, (WR) Tony Webb, (OL) Chris Smith. OZARK -- (QB) Nathan Bilyeu, (WR) Brandon Pemberton, (RB) John Nickelson. Outlook: Ozark has a very strong program year in and year out. Poplar Bluff is rebuilding.

Favorite: Ozark


Place, time: Caruthersville High School, 7:30 p.m.

Coaches: Charleston's Brent Anderson (0-2), Caruthersville's Jackie Johnson (0-2).

Last year: Charleston won 32-0.

Last week: Charleston lost to Sikeston 24-6. Caruthersville lost to Kennett 40-27.

Players to watch: CHARLESTON -- (RB) Orrice Stanback, (QB) A.H. Marshall, (WR) Deshaundray Hamilton. CARUTHERSVILLE -- (QB) Rogers VanAusdall, (RB) Jimmy Jackson, (RB) Chris Springer.

Outlook: A fairly even matchup on paper. Caruthersville has the edge in the skill department while Charleston is better on the line.

Favorite: Caruthersville


Kennett at Gosnell

Place, time: Gosnell High School, 7:30 p.m.

Coaches: Kennett's Roland Johnson (2-0), Gosnell's Freddy Bowen (2-0).

Last year: Did not play

Last week: Kennett beat Caruthersville 40-27. Gosnell beat Dexter 28-7.

Players to watch: KENNETT -- (RB) Tyree Goolsby, (OL) Adam Winston, (RB) Brian Mitchell. GOSNELL -- (QB) Bo Whittaker, (RB) Marcus Anderson, (RB) Ross Brown.

Outlook: Both undefeated teams have a tremendous amount of speed. Gosnell has more tradition.

Favorite: Gosnell


NMCC at Farmington

Place, time: Farmington High School, 7 p.m.

Coaches: NMCC's Steve Rogers (0-2), Farmington's John Bacon (0-2).

Last year: NMCC won 28-13

Last week: NMCC lost to Cape Central 31-0. Farmington lost to Howell North 14-12.

Players to watch: NMCC -- (QB) Remond Willis, (RB) Bryan Williams, (DE) Vaughn Shepard. FARMINGTON -- (QB) Barry Watson, (QB) Chris Bone, (RB) Derek Wiles.

Outlook: Both teams have struggled this year. The winner of this game could get the season turned around.

Favorite: Farmington


Scott City at East Prairie

Place, time: East Prairie High School, 7:30 p.m.

Coaches: Scott City's Jason Burkman (0-2), East Prairie's Ken Latham (0-2).

Last year: East Prairie won 35-14

Last week: Scott City lost to Portageville 39-0. East Prairie lost to Cairo, Ill., 28-22.

Players to watch: SCOTT CITY -- (OL) Dallas Glueck, (FB) Joseph Ruter, (RB) Jerry Jackson. EAST PRAIRIE -- (QB) Matt Boyer, (RB) Josh Boyer, (RB) Brent Harland. Outlook: The Rams were the victim of East Prairie's lone victory last season.

Favorite: East Prairie


Crystal City at Chaffee

Place, time: Chaffee High School, 7:30 p.m.

Coaches: Crystal City's Dan Ridgeway (1-1), Chaffee's Alan Horrell (0-2).

Last year: Did not play.

Last week: Crystal City lost to Montgomery County 48-0. Chaffee lost to Corning, Ark., 40-25.

Players to watch: CRYSTAL CITY -- (QB) Bobby Schembre, (RB) Zac Rundel, (WR) Jacob Massa. CHAFFEE -- (QB) Sam Burnett, (WR) James Reischman, (RB) Zac Horman.

Outlook: Chaffee's passing attack is dangerous, but Crystal City's might be better.

Favorite: Crystal City


Portageville at Fulton Co.

Place, time: Fulton County High School, 7:30 p.m.

Coaches: Portageville's Jim McKay (1-0), Fulton County's David Gallagher (0-3).

Last year: Portageville won 43-2.

Last week: Portageville beat Scott City 39-0. Fulton County lost to Calloway County 41-14.

Players to watch: PORTAGEVILLE -- (QB) Jordan Penn, (RB) Antonio Scott, (RB) Kyle Ezell. FULTON COUNTY -- (RB) Joe Coffey, (QB) Jared Warner, (WR) Jay Williams.

Outlook: Fulton County is annually one of the weakest teams in Western Kentucky. Portageville in a blowout.

Favorite: Portageville


John Burroughs at Malden

Place, time: Malden High School, 7:30 p.m.

Coaches: John Burroughs' Jim Lemen, Malden's Kevin Collier (1-1).

Last year: Burroughs won 36-6.

Last week: Burroughs beat Principia 35-0. Malden lost to Hayti 46-21.

Players to watch: BURROUGHS -- (QB) Scott Van Slyke, (RB) Brian Jump, (LB) Matthew Crane. MALDEN -- (QB) Scott Matthews, (RB) John Sutton, (WR) Jamall Kilgore.

Outlook: Burroughs is the defending state champions. Malden is athletic, but not as much as Burroughs.

Favorite: Burroughs