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Speakout 4/17

Sunday, April 17, 2005

I would like to Speakout about the economy. I don't know how much longer I can afford to work. I only make minimum wage. By the time I pay the insurance on my car and my license and buy this high priced gas that keeps going up I can only eat one meal a day and that is a bologna sandwich. If gas goes any higher I will have to live under the viaduct and hitchhike to work and just park my car. It sounds like the people in the U.S. are going to be just like the Vietnamese and the Iraqians - have nothing and be starving. Mr. Bush is just another Hoover. He is just as bad as Saddam, if not a lot worse. People on minimum wage can't survive. I don't know how long we can continue with the way things are now.

This is response to comments in April 6 paper titled "Get a job." You don't know this man's condition. If, by any chance he could get a job in an office or where ever, let's say one day he is fine but the next day he is in so much pain, he can't function. There is no job that is going to let you work not knowing if you are going to be in every day. If they did, you wouldn't be able to make enough money to afford medical insurance anyway. There are people who work 50 hours a week and can't afford insurance. And as far as transit goes, they stop running at 3 and not all towns have transit. So until you are in his position, you should keep your comments to yourself. You are showing your ignorance.

Oh my papa, to me he is so wonderful. Oh my papa, to me he was so grand. Dear Pope John Paul II.

I'm speaking out about the ISL that is in this town. I really think that if the government is going to cut anything to make money back I think all the ISLs should be taken out. They don't take care of their clients, they just are not a very good thing. If the Division of Aging would ever check into it. They are not doing their job at the Division of Aging either.

I'm calling in about the sawdust complaint at the Community Sheltered Workshop. I'm sorry that you have sawdust in your air conditioners and awnings and everything but when you think about our children who have been working out there for years, what do you think their lungs look like?

I'm a Morehouse resident and I would like to Speakout about a big white dog that lives close to me in a trailer. It is a white dog, like I said and this poor dog, nobody is hardly ever home. He is tied up by an old doghouse. Every time you look at him, he had mud all over him and he wallows in the mud out there. They have him tied up in a mud hole. This poor dog, all he is doing is existing. I don't know what they want with this poor dog since they don't have any time for him.

I would like to tell everybody that it is now time to confess because the Lord is coming and we need to be right. Years ago I found an old burnt-orange Pinto station wagon and I found money inside it and a name on the envelope. It was right behind the glove box laying on the wire harness. I would like to return it to somebody, whoever it was. They know who they are. All they have to do is call Speakout, tell me the amount of the money and the year of the vehicle and I will see that they get the money. Thank you and God bless you.