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A big story to tell during the Telethon

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

This weekend the spotlight falls on the 25th annual Kenny Rogers Children's Center telethon. The two-day event - Saturday and Sunday - features local entertainment, a host of activities for everyone as well as the real stars of the show, the kids who receive treatment at the Center. It also gives our community an excellent opportunity to bring recognition to this important Children's Center.

It's hard to imagine that for 25 years, local volunteers have organized and staged this top-quality event. You will not find another community our size that can boast of such an accomplishment. The telethon is indeed a fund-

raiser and a successful one. Organizers will tell the story this weekend but the total raised during the history of the telethon reaches into the millions of dollars. Without those funds, the daily progress at the Center may never have become a reality.

As always, the spotlight will fall squarely on the children who receive regular treatment at the Center. Their stories are an inspiration and nothing short of a miracle. When you see a child with developmental delays first learn to walk and talk, you begin to realize the miracles that occur daily at this local Center.

Viewers who tune in with get more than their share. The local entertainment is excellent and the other activities surrounding the telethon provide something for virtually everyone. Try visiting the Sikeston High School Field House - admission is free - and enjoy the telethon up close. I assure you'll be caught-up in the spirit of the weekend. That's a guarantee.

I've had the privilege of being involved with this event for a number of years. And because of that involvement, I have seen children progress through the years because of the daily therapy provided at the Center. You'll see ample examples of that progress this weekend.

This entire region should all take pride in the telethon. Children from miles around travel here daily for their therapy needs and thus, it's truly a regional medical center. But Sikeston is host and that means a great deal of that attention will be focused on our community. We need to all do our part to assure that the spotlight shines on an excited, progressive and dedicated community.

I believe it will.

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