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Speakout 7-28

Sunday, July 28, 2002

I am from a middle class white family. No, I do not have as much money as the parties filing the lawsuit against the Scott County Health Department. No, I probably would not be considered one of "those" people the Montgomerys feel are the only ones who use the services of the health department. I feel there are several points that need to be clarified. Yes, I have used Scott County Health department services in obtaining a birth certificate or getting immunization for my children. My grandmother has attended PACE classes in the past that were provided through the Scott County Health Department. My child has been educated in the school system by Scott County Health Department staff on a variety of topics. So, Mr. Montgomery, you or someone in your family has also used the services of the health department, either directly or indirectly. Everyone needs to remember that the Scott County Health Department is not called the "Sikeston" Health Department. It is for all of Scott County, not only for Sikeston. One more thing. Scott County residents need to be knowledgeable about where our county ends and where it begins. The Kmart building is in New Madrid County, not Scott County.

Gold star award

I'm calling about the article that was in the July 10 paper about such a fine coach, Tim Foust, who took an interest in little David. When I read the article, I cried, because of the interest this coach took in David. He is such a fine person and he should be told.

I just read your opinion on the new road tax proposal. I was born and raised in the Morehouse area until I joined the military, and at the end of my career ended up in Georgia. My wife and I travel back home quite frequently to Sikeston. It is readily noticeable to us the condition of the Missouri roads. Not in good shape. After I lived here in Georgia, I found out that we have one of the lowest gasoline taxes in the nation while having some of the best roads in the nation, per a recent AAA survey. One thing is, the Georgia gasoline tax can only be used for roads and bridges and does not go into the general revenue fund, which Missouri's gas tax currently does. This prevents the politicians from getting their hands on it and dividing it up until there is nothing left. Georgia politicians have tried to get into it a couple of times in the past, but the outcry quickly turned that back. Missouri needs to send their gasoline tax to a separate fund to fix their roads for what the tax was supposed to be collected for in the first place, and keep the politicians' hands out of it.

To the few people who have the lawsuit against the health department, I don't understand what is so unbelievable or so horrible about the site. I drove by there the other day and it seems much more suitable than where they are located now. Who do you think uses the health department? You, me, the people who use the local doctors and hospital. I'll bet it's the same people who go to the banks every day. I think it's horrible and unbelievable that someone would sue over this.

Are they going to finish the paving on North Ingram or does it just stop where it is now? They need to finish it all the way down North Ingram.

The portion of North Ingram Road that has been completed is the one of the projects that was approved for funding during the current fiscal year.

To the person who wants to buy Watkins Products, call 471-3432.