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SpeakOut 7/29

Monday, July 29, 2002

Call 471-6636

I'm calling about my next door neighbor. She makes trouble for all the neighbors around her. I guess that's her way of getting attention. She only gets along with one set of neighbors and they told me they just do it because they feel sorry for her. She must really have a sad life because she's such a trouble maker. She has a dog that she lets run loose. It has bitten several people and she has been to court several times over it. But yet she is in denial and always says the dog doesn't bite. I've seen her out after dark pulling weeds and the yard was freshly mowed. If she's sitting on the edge of the road, she will walk right out in front of you if you drive by. She has three kids who run the neighborhood. She has even gone out all day shopping and locked the kids out. The neighbors have to feed and take care of them.

This is in reference to the antique chair that needs repair. I don't do caning but I can fix your chair. Call me at 472-3672.

This is for the person who called about caning an old chair. I think I can help her out on that. My number is (573) 379-3953.

Will the person who drives the blue Blazer and parks at the alley behind Matthews Street please not park there? We couldn't get through the alley again this morning. If this continues, we're going to call the police, so please don't park in the alley.

If anyone is looking for homegrown produce, go west on Malone, turn right on BB, north across the railroad tracks, then turn left and continue west on the gravel lane until you come to a red house. A couple there shares their produce for community service. I will have to give them an A+ on their produce. At least there, you know where it comes from and you couldn't meet any finer people or any better produce. They are doing an A-1 job.

I would like to know what it's telling us when the female doctors, nurses, doctors' wives and others go to Southeast Missouri Hospital or St. Francis Medical Center in Cape Girardeau to have their babies? What is this telling us about our hospital? Is there something wrong?