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Your View: two views from 10/15

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

President Bush made a speech to the world on Oct. 7 from Cincinnati which CBS, ABC and NBC did not cover. Only 17 percent of Americans heard the President's talk!

This talk was about how the United States might go to war against Iraq or avoid war if sufficient power against Iraq could be mustered to cause a peaceful change of their government administration. The President stated that our enemies have started a war against us and their goal is to destroy our country unless we take the appropriate action to defend ourselves.

It is general knowledge that CBS, ABC and NBC have a bias in favor of the liberal Democratic Party. These networks were preventing many Americans from hearing our Republican President. This is an attempt to influence the upcoming election in favor of the Democrats, since many Americans didn't get a chance to hear the President's presentation.

We ask that CBS, ABC and NBC be called on to broadcast the President's entire talk.

Since you cannot get unbiased news on CBS, ABC and NBC, we suggest you keep your TV on Fox News. If you can't get it, ask for it.

It is a threat to our freedom in America that the Democratic Party has the support of almost all of the television networks, cable networks and has one or two major newspapers in every major city in the USA. The Democrats essentially control communications in our country.

Name withheld by request

Editor's note: The following letter was written to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources Water Pollution Control Program, Planning Section.

To whom it may concern:

I am writing in support of the preferred alternative as outlined in the Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS). This project is vital to the development of quality flood control in the St. John's Bayou and the New Madrid Floodway, and will be of benefit to both the environment and the economy.

The recent flooding experienced in southeastern Missouri this spring in the Mini Farms area of Sikeston and throughout New Madrid and Mississippi counties proved that this project is needed. Without completion of this project, we cannot ensure an improved quality of life for those residing in these counties and the surrounding areas.

This project includes important environmental improvements such as the enhancement of fish and wildlife habitat as well as water quality in the region, which is especially true in the area of Big Oak Tree State Park. The mitigation and enhancement of ditch banks included in the project to encourage fish habitat will be welcome additions to recreational opportunities in the area. The improving of the state park by acquiring some of the mitigation package in land adjacent to the park saves this area for future generations.

All the residents of southeastern Missouri need this project to be completed, particularly those who live and work in the area and depend on the land for their livelihood. As such, I join the residents of Southeastern Missouri in my support of the St. John's project and the final SEIS and urge the Missouri Department of Natural Resources to issue the required clean water certification as soon as possible.


James M. Talent