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Speakout 3/6

Sunday, March 6, 2005

Attention, Christians. I've had three different waitresses visiting in my home lately. They were bothered by the way Christian people act when they come in. They work at three different places and say the Christian people do not tip them, yet they want you to be on their beckoned for anything they want. They say that some are rude and you talk about your other dull Christians. They wonder what God thinks about you and what kind of example you are setting.

I am calling about the person in the Feb. 23 paper who talked about "Celebrate history." The reason there is black history month is because black people, as a whole, have been deprived of great African-Americans who have done great things. In past history, all we were good for was being slaves, just being able to cook or be a nanny, to be the person degraded and spit upon. What Black History Month does is to show the greatness that the black people did play as a whole in the United States. When it came to building, we were the ones beaten to make sure the crops got out, beaten to make sure this was made or that was made. We celebrate white history every day of the year. When you go into a building, you see nothing but white people; and if you do see black people there, it is only one or two, just to prove they're not racist. When you go into a huge corporation, you celebrate white history every day. Every time you turn on TV, there are more white people doing this and that. Well, there are the same amount of black people who do the same thing. Black History Month is very important. As far as the World War, there were a lot of black people in the front lines that white people have not even let the schools touch to let the people know black people were there. We were not in the back. We sat in the back of the bus, but when it came to war, we were on the front line when it came to fighting or getting killed.

I would like to comment about why we have Black History Month. It's basically because there were a lot of great African-Americans you don't hear about and that Caucasian people don't want you to know about. It's good that our schools and programs in television show that there were some really great African-Americans, and are even now, and also, we all really need to get rid of it. In another 30 years we're really going to need black history because in another 30 years, everybody is going to be black. What happened in the days of slavery happened, and let's not repeat it for our children and our children's children. I just say let's all get along.

The reason there is no White History Month is that for years, America shed light on white history and their heroes. I am not racist and I am not black. There are more than white people in our country. It is a melting pot where we have a majority of races and I feel like Black History Month is teaching our children our past and giving back to a culture that has meant so much to the United States of America. We always celebrate Presidents' Day and George Washington Day. Every president we have had has been white and there are discussions in school about Ben Franklin. Stop asking silly questions and let black people have one month out of the year. Instead of one month and one day to celebrate it, I think we should have the whole year off because some of them out there do deserve it.

I am calling about the water district in Scott County. I think that's a good thing and I hope the people vote for it in April. Maybe the day will come over here in New Madrid County where we can get the same thing. That would be a joyous day. I have seen a lot of things about this water district, but how are you going to get by without erecting another big water tower? Somebody's going to have to provide the water and you're not planning to just get the water from the cities, are you? How are they going to do it? You need to know what they're going to be doing and where your money will be going before election day.