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Tuesday, November 6, 2001

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It would sure be nice if people would quit blaming Bush for all the problems we're having. He got elected president and Clinton and Gore didn't even carry their own states. Florida was just one of them that had all them foreigners come over and trying to vote and didn't know how. Clinton was overseas more than he was in the White House. He caused all of them over there to hate us like they do. There's no need in blaming Bush. Just like if you bought a brand new car and it tore up on you. You couldn't blame the guy who bought the car and you can't blame Bush because he won the election. I think he's trying to do the best he knows how. I don't think he's perfect, but nobody's perfect. But he's trying. They keep hollering the Republicans have all the money. But if you look, everybody that got all these free hand-outs and everything are Democrats. If you check in and see all the people who lost their jobs; look at us in Dexter who lost our jobs under Clinton, in just one little town, lost all them jobs under him. You don't file bankruptcy and go broke in five or six months. It started way back there that the companies were losing their work because they were all going overseas. Just give Bush a chance. I think he deserves one. And I think if you check into it, you'll find out where all this problem started from.

I don't know who your proofreader is for your paper, but you need to hire someone to proofread it. You had an obituary in there the other day of a man who died. You had him marrying the second wife two months before the first wife died. Now that was one heck of a mistake.

We checked the obituary with the information provided by the funeral home that handled the deceased man's arrangements. Proofreading doesn't apply here. Without prying into the family's personal business, our guess is that he and his first wife had been divorced. Feel better?

Good cops

I witnessed a couple of police officers who stopped a young man Sunday night. I think the officers were nice and very polite. Even though the matter was really nothing and they let him go, they were really nice. If everybody would stop putting the police down and start respecting them, they would receive better results. They're only doing their jobs and they are good cops. May God keep you all while you're out there doing your duty.

This message is for the Sikeston Department of Public Safety. Accidents seem to be happening all the time by Red Barn where the stoplights are not working. If they're not going to use them, they need to take them down. They should be put back into service because too many accidents are happening and too many people are getting hurt. Since I live in Sikeston, I feel I have a right to say this. I would like to see the lights working again.

I think W.T. Woods isn't a good American. All he can do is talk bad about anyone who is a Republican. Mr. Woods, we are supposed to love our country. Have you been to Afghanistan? How do you know all that you're talking about? I think not. How can you not give hungry children food? These are Afghani children, not Taliban. You are so hard-hearted. This is sad.

I'm calling about the comments about the handicap restrooms. When a place of business has a restroom that says "handicap accessible," it means it is accessible for the handicapped. It does not mean it's for the handicapped only. It's for the general public.