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America can fight fear through action

Tuesday, November 13, 2001

And once again the feeling returns. I'm sure it hit you the very same way. Monday morning's American Airlines' tragedy in New York brought back those horrible memories. At this writing it appears the mishap was a mechanical problem but, as we've come to know, that could very well change. Regardless, the feeling of helplessness and sadness is the same.

Assuming that the crash in New York on Monday was indeed an accident, it still points to the need to continue or escalate our efforts on the other side of the world. It will take ongoing resolve on the part of this nation to end the world of terrorism and that resolve needs to take the form of expanded military actions against those responsible for the World Trade Center attacks.

In the wake of Monday's tragedy, congressional leaders exchanged words over the need for a new airport security bill that would upgrade the security measures on airliners. Both sides of the aisle have agreed on the need for expanded security but then the disagreements begin. Most Democrats favor putting the security personnel on the federal government payroll and most Republicans want federal oversight and control of civilian workers.

I don't favor expanding the federal payroll but it's time to end this logjam and pass something now. If it takes federalization then so be it. At this point, throw politics out the window and get the job done. And if those elected leaders in Washington can't see the sense of urgency on this measure then come election time we need to bring new blood who will see the importance.

America today is dominated by rumor and fear. We can face it or run from it. From anthrax to mysterious crop dusters, every day brings a new rumor. These rumors are fueled by fear. It's the great unknown that motivates us whether we like it or not. And not a single day passes without some added fear regardless of its merit or basis in fact.

We may live under this umbrella of concern for a generation, though I pray that's not the case. It is not in our heritage or culture to suspect any act or accident as the work of some dastardly source. Until we rid the earth of the bin Ladens of this world, normalcy will be difficult if not impossible.

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