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Tuesday, November 13, 2001

Call 471-6636

I really enjoy reading the SpeakOut articles every day in the paper. Keep up the good work. I agree with the person who called about a month or so ago and said the police department doesn't enforce the curfew. I don't see what the problem is that they can't enforce the curfew. I also agree with the caller who complained about welfare fraud. Someone made a statement that there will be many families who won't have food or shelter this holiday. I believe they said the little children may not have gifts. There's no reason why anybody in this country should to hungry or homeless, but I do agree with the person who called and made this statement.

As a taxpayer in Scott County, I'm calling to commend the Scott County commissioners for upholding their beliefs on the way Sheriff Ferrell went about going around the commissioners. Mr. Ferrell is elected by the voters of Scott County and should be held accountable for the moves he makes since he's responsible for the office. So if they put that in, I'm sure it had his OK and he should be held accountable and pay for it himself instead of using taxpayers' money to pay for it.

I'd like to comment about "Debate continues" about the Harry Potter issue in the Nov. 5 paper. The caller said they are a Christian and particularly cared for the "Lord of the Rings Trilogy." They cannot be a Christian. I don't care who the caller is. Anyone in their right mind knows that all these Harry Potter things are nothing but witchcraft and are not fantasy. If this person is a true Christian, read Deuteronomy 18:1-12 they will see that all this in Harry Potter is nothing but flat witchcraft and is an abomination to the Lord. They should be careful about reading it or letting their children read it. If they read it through the mind of a child, a child does not understand witchcraft. That's where they should be training a child in the way they should go. The Harry Potter things should be taken off the market and the Christians should take a stand and picket the movie when it comes to Sikeston. They should picket the library when it has Harry Potter night. It is nothing but pure evil and it's straight from Satan.

Why is the picture on page 6 of the Farmer's Recognition Banquet, why wasn't the picture identified as to where it was taken?

This particular photo was shot near Vanduser. The farm families photos were submitted for the farm tab and the other photos were taken at various locations in the area by staff photographers.

This person who called in sure knows more about the money that was supposed to be given to taxes instead of Missouri. If anyone else knows anything about this, I wish they would put all the information in the Standard Democrat SpeakOut. I don't think this is true.

This is in regard to the person inquiring about An-Mar Bath Oil. Helen's Florist and Suzie's Bake Shoppe in Sikeston handles that.