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Speakout 1/19

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

There is an outrage happening in the nation's capital. The Bush administration has told the taxpayers of Washington, D.C., to take money out of their Homeland Security funds in order to cover the extra costs of the upcoming inauguration taking place in their city. So now, instead of expanding their hospital capacity and paying overtime to the police, the district will have to spend their resources on building grandstands along the parade route with seating available only to a privileged group of Bush contributors. Another campaign party paid for by taxpayers. And silence is all we hear from those who screamed so loudly about Bob Holden's extravagance at his inauguration four years ago. Come on, Republicans, tell it like it is.

I read the story about the Sikeston School Board possibly trying to pass a bond issue. Does it mean they will also try to do something about the mold in the building problem in the Middle School? It's too late to help the students that are there now but it could benefit the teachers and staff that will be there in the future.

The new sheriff hasn't been in office two months and already has negative opinions being bandied about. Give the man a break, in fact, give him a year to prove himself and get his 'ducks' in a row. As to the vehicles, when Mr. Ferrell left office, his cars went with him. It was necessary for deputies to have a vehicles for transportation. Regardless if you voted for the man or not, let the sands of time tell the story if he is doing his job or not. Sit back and relax rather than being so quick to judge. Regardless of circumstances, Mr. Walter is our sheriff, so let's back him and see if change, after so many years of having the same sheriff, isn't good or maybe even better. (I voted, so I feel as though I can Speak Out.)

Rick Walter is sheriff now. It's his time for a new look in the sheriff's department. Sheriff Walters took the lowest bid on striping the cars and he will save the county money. He is working hard with the county commissioners and, as you may have noticed in the Sikeston Standard, he is also working hard on drug arrests and drug problems within our county, city and is working with the Sikeston Department of Public Safety and Missouri State Highway Patrol. It's great to have a man like Rick Walter.

I just wanted to thank Stacey and Michelle Dawson for stopping and helping Brother Woodrow Phillips out of his burning home. He is a wonderful person who has touched so many lives with his strong faith and love. He considers this just a bump in the road of life. Thanks again for saving a dear friend.

According to the Vanduser Fire Department, after the couple saw the burning home, Mrs. Dawson called 911. Jack Hargraves actually rescued Phillips from the house. SpeakOut salutes all these heroes.