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Wednesday, February 27, 2002

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Please tell me how a person who is a representative of the state of Missouri can be let out of prison and be appointed back to that office. That senator who put him back in office should be put out of office. If you can't trust them one time, you sure can't trust them the next time.

This is about Kmart shutting its doors. If Kmart is closing, why don't they put a Target in? It could do just as good if not better than Wal-Mart. We need a Target store in this area.

I see where a man committed a crime and got six years in prison plus 150 lashes and the judge said they finished them at 95 at a time, I guess my question is, if we did that here in America we'd get rid of some of these yea-hoos here that are causing all the trouble. Maybe they'd quit doing all that stuff.

The person who called in the Feb. 11 SpeakOut about Bill Clinton sees him for just what he is, a pervert, a no-good [expletive] that sold this country down the drain and did more damage to the country than anybody has ever done.

I know there are people who try to make others think they don't lie or do anything wrong. They try to make others think they're right all the time, but they're just a bunch of hypocrites.