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Speakout 4/26

Thursday, April 26, 2007

In answer to Packed like sardines, who would one contact to have this situation investigated, about how many people could legally live in a trailer. Since Heckemeyer Acres is not in city limits they will have to call the county commissioner to have it investigated.

This is for you Mr. Jensen and I don't even care if you put it in SpeakOut or not. I applaud you for writing an apology is due the former sheriff. I feel exactly the same way about the big front page article you published my grandson which most of was not true. You did not bother to find out the truth. You were just trying to make up a sensational story for filling up your paper. So if you are going to do it for one citizen, then you should apologize to another citizen.

I'm calling about the Sikeston-Miner voting of the sales tax and all the things the sheriff's department needs. I hope the people of Sikeston and Miner don't need anything. I don't know why it would have hurt them to have that tax. It's not like it was property tax, it was a sales tax. And the comments made that people in the north didn't shop in Sikeston, that's a bunch of bull hockey. Because they shopped the Outlet Mall, they shopped Wal-Mart, they shopped the food places. It don't make sense people.

Where was Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson when Rush Limbaugh made fun of Michael J. Fox? It's because he was a white guy. They show their true colors.

This is in regard to the Virginia Tech massacre. If the children in school don't quit bullying these kids, then there is going to be more of this stuff going on. Because the children that are being bullied are just as much of a victim as the ones that are being killed. I'm not condoning the killing, but the bullying needs to stop and the schools need to make sure the children are not doing that. Also the children need to be aware that they are doing it and they will suffer the consequences if they keep bullying these kids.

I'd like to know why they are doing this to people on Social Security. I get my Social Security check on the first and I get it deposited into the bank before two o'clock. Let's say I get it on Friday. Then there is Saturday and Sunday, but it's not on my account until midnight Monday. They wait that long before they give me credit for it and it causes me to bounce checks. I'd like to know why.