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Thursday, Aug. 25, 2016

Speakout 11/18

Thursday, November 18, 2004

As a person who has voted for a lot of Republicans in my day, it's funny to see that my former Sikeston school principal from one of the elementary schools has been equated with Dan Rather and Michael Moore. I guess, Mr. Greenlee, when you disagree with Republicans or Republicanism, that means you're the likes of Michael Moore and Dan Rather and so forth. Go figure. This is laughable, to equate people with loons just because you disagree with what they say.

To the caller who suggested W.T. Woods go away and said his philosophy and ideas are a thing of the past, I'm sure a lot of Republicans wish the Democrats would just go away. But I don't think that will happen. Democrats still have a voice and, contrary to the Republican self-imposed population of a mandate, we will keep up the fight. So they may as well accept the facts. There are still issues that need to be addressed.

I am calling about the Nov. 11 "Change America's lifestyle." This person is an idiot and I think we may have another Hitler in the area.

On Nov. 11 in SpeakOut, "Change America's lifestyle," in my opinion, you need to be very concerned with your spirit. You are definitely not a person who loves your country or your fellow man. What a cruel spirit you have. You mentioned putting the poor, sick and elderly in work farms. You need to be watched by your family and need a doctor badly. You definitely have a mental condition. As far as politics, if you loathe Bush so much, maybe you need to go to Iraq and get your butt shot up a little - or maybe a lot.

To the person who called in the Nov. 11 SpeakOut, get over the election. We have a life. We don't need your kinds of comments in our America. Republicans and Democrats, we're all just trying to live our lives. You're nuts! You have no point of view. You're sick!

I am complaining about the Nov. 11 SpeakOut call entitled, "Change America's lifestyle." I can't understand why a newspaper would print such sadistic comments as this person implied. The caller is definitely not a Christian, so don't even talk about Christian values. You're a mock to society.

In response to "Change America's lifestyle," I am a Democrat and I agree that we need to get people working and get them off welfare. But to the person who wrote this, you have no compassion whatsoever. Poor people are not poor because they want to be. Some even work. My husband and I both work and it's still hard to get ends to meet. The sick and elderly - throw them in a nursing home? How old are you? I am 25 and I work in in-home healthcare. I don't see them in their homes. How would you like to be taken out of the security and comfort of your own home and be put in a nursing home, where you would be scared and sometimes people wouldn't treat you right. Then you wouldn't even be able to sleep in your own bed. Would you do that to your own mother? As far as your comment on working farms, let the poor people produce something for the rest of us? Produce something for yourself. Clean your own yard and stop thinking that you are better than everybody, because you're not. At least us stinking Democrats don't think we're better than everybody. And you need to question your own Christian values because I don't see anything "Christian" about your SpeakOut.

Who is W.T. Woods? I see a lot of his letters in the paper. I would be very proud to meet him and to thank him for his bravery in what he says in the paper about the Republicans. I'm a Democrat and am against gays and mainly against false accusers.