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Speakout 11/1

Monday, November 1, 2004

Concerning Social Security fraud, our Social Security system seems to be sending mixed messages to the disabled. They print books and send out letters telling clients of Social Security that they are allowed to make around $800 a month before their benefits are affected. Then they hire an officer to see if they are working or to diagnose their medical conditions. If there is that much abuse in the Social Security system, then our medical professionals must be pretty corrupt to diagnose someone to be disabled to start with. But at the same time, nobody is monitoring welfare and Medicaid, which has a lot more fraud and abuse than Social Security. This is just another example of our rich Republican leaders trying to take away from the poor and needy people who are disabled.

Social Security does have a work program to help disabled clients return to the workforce. A disability recipient is required to notify Social Security before they try to go back to work. For more information on how this program works, call Social Security at 471-9503 or toll-free (800) 772-1213. As we understand it, the government hired an officer to help locate disabled people who work "under the table" without notifying Social Security.

The Kindergarten Center is doing a great job. I appreciate the hard work the principal and teachers are doing for our kids. My little girl loves going to school there. They are just fantastic!

I am calling about the Sikeston Department of Public Safety. They do not apprehend anybody. I have called and told them where a certain person was in bed asleep and they still haven't gone and picked him up yet. That's just a bunch of crap. Sikeston Public Safety personnel, you're not police. You're public safety personnel. You need to get your crap together. My name's "Duck and Duckin'" too.

I did call a manager of one of the stores here in town about the number for the corporate office to report the lady whose glasses are so dadgummed thick that I don't know how she sees out them. I wasted my time because he did not even call me back. So rain on that store and rain on the woman with the thick glasses.

I live in Morley and am worried about things that happened on Oct. 16. A man shot several holes in a mobile home owned and lived in by a former ex-deputy sheriff of Scott County, now a volunteer deputy sheriff. Why has nothing been in the paper about this? Has this just been mistakenly overlooked or is it a cover-up? Let us know what's going on.

We call the police and sheriff's departments every day but Sunday and we received no information about this matter.

I can't understand these old people (I'm an old person myself) wanting to kill these babies to get stem cell research. Most people who have Alzheimer's and stuff like that are old when they get it, and there is no use in killing a young baby's life to get stem cells. You have to kill a baby to get the stem cells and these old people want to live on and on and on and get all they can get free, something for nothing. Leave nature alone.