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Tuesday, September 18, 2001

Call 471-6636

I saw where they're wanting to take cable television out of the prisons where the boys are. I think it's better for them to have television to keep them quiet and help keep them from fighting or trying to break out. If they're going to cut that out, why don't they cut it out on these lazy people who live on welfare and Medicaid and all that? These people have to have cable TV. If they live on welfare, cut their cable television out too.

If anyone has found a gold chain with a slide on it in the Sikeston or Miner area, there is a reward if it's found and returned. If you have found it, please put your telephone number in SpeakOut.

Is the Cotton Carnival going to be at the same place at the Rodeo Grounds as last year? I hope not. It wasn't really a good area. It didn't have enough places for people to sit down. I can't walk a very long distance at a time and a wheelchair wouldn't go through the gravel as well as it did by the mall.

The Cotton Carnival will be at the Rodeo Grounds again this year.

I am calling about a boy named Albert at Wal-Mart. He is a good person. He ran a purse snatcher down and will help you in any way he possibly can. Be sure and appreciate this boy.

This is to the person who asked about the obituary rerun for Russell Montjoy. It's none of your business why we wanted to run it twice. I'm pretty sure if it was a Caucasian male or female, you would be worried about it. And if we felt that we wanted to run it three times, that's none of your concern.

There are a lot more things to worry about than if someone's obituary is published twice in the paper. You need to worry more about what's going on in this world.

I would like to say that in the past the Red Peppers have gone a little overboard in their initiations but not anything that I observed in this year's was like anything in the past. The officers and Mrs. Throop really contained things. The day the girls turned in their requirements, Mrs. Throop made the announcement that the girls didn't have to do anything they considered offensive or in bad taste. Some girls get a kick out of sitting on a guy's lap. Didn't you do that when you were that age? If she did not want to do that, she should have told Mrs. Throop or one of the officers. A college sorority in some cases is worse than anything the Red Peppers do. I hope that in all the Red Pepper initiations come, that it's just as good as it was this year. I am a former Red Pepper and it is a SHS tradition. I am proud to have been a member of the Red Pepper organization of the Sikeston High School.