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Wednesday, September 5, 2001

I have lost a gold ring. It has a tansonite stone (bluish-purple color) and has diamonds in it. I lost it on Aug. 28 and I went to three places today, Lowe's, Judy's Clothing and SEMO Glass (I don't think it's at SEMO Glass). It slipped off my finger and I have no idea where. It is very important to me. If anybody has found it, please call me at 472-1909 where I work. I would really appreciate it. I might be able to give some sort of award.

I'm not advocating a prom. I was answering the ad about a place for teens to go, a Teen-Town or something like that. They already have a prom at high school. Teens need a place to go and hang out with each other, somewhere besides a parking lot.

To the hit-and-run driver in the green van in Lambertville on the afternoon of Aug. 23, the little white Spitz dog you hit is alive and well, no thanks to you. Had it not been for my thoughtful, caring neighbors, she would have lain out in that 95-degree weather with a broken pelvis, unable to move until we found her. They saw you hit her and said you didn't even stop. It's true that she should not have been near the highway, but she does get out of the fenced yard on occasion. In the future, when you know you have struck someone's pet, do try to get help for the helpless animal. They have feelings too. And that's the least anyone should do.

I am calling about a lady I know who is in need of clothing. She wears plus sizes and needs clothes for church as well as every day clothing and underwear, but cannot afford to buy them. If anyone can help, call 667-5221.

Your friend can visit the House of Prayer General Baptist Church in Grant City, who has a thrift store which sells used clothing. The store is thinning out its inventory this week. From 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Thursday and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday and Saturday, clothing and household items are being given away free of charge to make room for new supplies. The number there is 472-0406; or you can contact Bethesda Fellowship at (573) 545-3104, which has stores in Benton and Cape Girardeau where clothing is donated every Tuesday to anyone in need free of charge.

This is for "Neighbor to neighbor." I wish I was your neighbor. I would help you. I can do you one better. I was an employee for the last 13-14 years for a local Sikeston business. We employed about 50 women employees. Almost every day for the last 14 years there has been a collection taken up for something. Someone's cat got sick or the neighbor's dog died, or something, some kind of collection. I'm on limited income. That was my only job to raise my family. Every day I'd try to put in my $2 worth. I was injured at work about nine months ago now. I have been home flat on my back after undergoing major surgery for a 10-day ICU stay. To this day, to this very second, I have not heard or received anything from my fellow employees. I guess they quit taking up the collection for food, flowers and housekeeping services and errands and whatever you needed done. I haven't heard a word. Not even a little 35-cent post card. Not anything. So it just shows you that there's nobody in this world who takes care of anybody but themselves. So keep your chin up, take care of your kids. Hopefully you won't be laid up with broken legs and back and arms and everything else. That's just the way it is anymore. You just try to be the better neighbor.