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Battle will require long-term approach

Friday, September 14, 2001

As the writer of a column devoted to a chronicle of the daily events - local, state and national - it becomes obvious that the events of this past week will dominate our lives for quite some time. I pray the national resolve is strong enough to sustain this long-term approach. Our past history unfortunately would indicate otherwise.

I'm overwhelmed today with appreciation for the British government and people. Their unprecedented national support for the American cause is clearly why the British are our strongest ally. But the entire international community has been highly visible with their support in the fight against terrorism. This unique opportunity - born of tragedy - could be a watershed moment in the history of mankind. And yet we must all keep in mind the changes will not occur overnight. This battle will not be measured in weeks and months.

At some point we will surely tire of the patriotic rhetoric and yearn for our lives to return to normal. We must accept the fact that "normal" will be an impossible goal in the short term and a difficult goal in the future. The comparison to Pearl Harbor is the best we can imagine but in total scope and impact, this week will dwarf those events of 60 years past.

I keep returning to one point over and over again. Though the American resolve may remain strong and determined, our fate largely rests in the hands of those in Washington who make and execute policy. It is essential that we express our outrage and continued resolve to assure that this battle is both fought and won. Any lessening of that resolve will spell disaster and virtually assure more incidents such as this week. Though unimaginable, it could actually be worse.

Reader sof this humble column needs to look deep within themselves and decide what efforts they can make to achieve this goal. It may be as simple as donating money or blood. God forbid, some of us may be asked to give our sons for this national cause. Those words alone cause a tremble.

America is at war. I took a brief minute this week to read comments made by editorial writers at the start of World War II. Their words could be spoken today with minimal changes.

And their message was as strong then as we hope it is today. Nothing should deter us from this national goal. Nothing.

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