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Thursday, September 13, 2001

Call 471-6636

I am looking for a word to rhyme with "orange." Any suggestions?

You may be able to use a slant-rhyme word such as "gorge."

I was reading "Bush loses favor." I wonder why Mr. Bush doesn't call former President Clinton or Vice President Gore to come and help him to balance the checkbook and try to get this financial situation under control. People really don't want to starve to death.

The mailman left an envelope in my mailbox with just the name "Britt" printed on it. It had some things in it and some money in it. I think they had left it in somebody's mailbox (friend or son or daughter's or something) and the mailman delivering the mail picked it up as a pick-up letter, I suppose. There's quite a bit of money in it. If whoever left it can call me and identify it, they can come pick it up. My number is 471-1524.

Thanks a lot, dove hunters. Your shooting at the back of my barn caused a big stud of mine to get excited and run into the barn. He ran into the wall and busted his back leg wide open and broke his front leg. Thank you, dove hunters. You're so careful with your shooting, you get so close to people's houses. Don't you think people and animals get annoyed with the shotgun blasts? The next one who gets close to my fence is going to lose a windshield. Believe me, I have a deer rifle and I am a crack shot. Try me.

You Democrats who are so hard on President Bush have short memories. Most every president we ever had dipped into Social Security to get by. He's doing a good job. If President Clinton had been president for another year, it would have been the same or maybe even worse. He was a lucky president, getting in when people bought all the computers and other things that made a good economy.

My child who is in junior high has to look up lots of reports and stuff. We were trying to get Web TV so I can get the Internet for her. Computers are very expensive and Web TV is a little less. We looked at the only store that has them in stock and they're over $100. If anyone has a used one they want to sell cheaper. This would help my child do her reports and make good grades. Please call me at 481-0621.

To you people who haven't fulfilled my request to re-enter school, I hope you realize you are taking my education away instead of helping me get it. I registered to sign up about a month ago and you still haven't sent my papers like you said you would. You used to tell us to care about our education no matter who we are or how we look or what we do.