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Monday, October 29, 2001

Call 471-6636

I saw an ad in a newspaper that said to shop in Mississippi County and keep the money at home. Shop where? Since Wal-Mart in Charleston closed, where do you have to shop in Mississippi County? I haven't seen any men's clothing store? What about a shoe store? Everybody likes going to a discount store, so unless you get some business in town, they have to go out of town to shop. And that's sad.

I'm calling about Mr. Jensen. I don't believe he knows any other number besides "hundreds." When they had that supposed riot over on Ruth and Branum streets, he said there were hundreds, which we all know was a lie. We don't even have hundreds of people in the community that would come out and do something like that. We don't even have that many people in the area. That was several months ago. And now when he put in the paper about the community wide clean-up, he said last year there were hundreds. There were a lot of people but there were not hundreds. Could you please get your count straight the next time you put how many people were out there?

The Chamber of Commerce had just over 300 volunteers last year.

I heard Tony Heckemeyer in his Friday broadcast expound on how he would have doled out the $15 billion to the airlines. He would have purchased $15 billion of tickets and used them for government employees and congressional travel. I wonder how long it would take to use up $15 billion worth of airline tickets. Would the airlines still be in business by that time? Rush Limbaugh expounded almost this exact scenario over a week ago. Can it be that Mr. Democrat Heckemeyer is copy-catting Mr. Conservative Limbaugh? Surely not. He would never do that - or would he?

This is in answer to the person who had called in concern to a DPS policy question that I had called in. My husband is a minister. I do not smoke pot, crack or whatever else. And I'm afraid to go in there too. I should be able to go in to a cemetery and pay my respects to someone I know. I'm very insulted by your comment. You didn't even know who I was and I would never do anything like that. That is not me. I am a Christian and you made a mistake by guessing who I was. Next time, don't try to guess who is who.

I would like to comment on the restroom for the handicapped. I agree 100 percent. I am a very disabled person. I cannot get in those small booths. When the places have handicap restrooms, would they please put on the door "for handicapped only?" I think we at least deserve a little recognition. We're not in the shape we want to be in. We can't help it.

People donated their time and energy for clean-up day, but what's wrong with the prisoners in jail that they can't do that. They used to do that years ago. They'd put a ball and chain on them so they couldn't run off and they'd get some exercise and work up a better appetite too. They feed them for nothing anyway.

A number of people were assigned to the clean-up as part of their court-ordered community service.