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Speakout 10-28

Monday, October 29, 2001

I was calling in response to the "Growing list" that was in the paper. If the NAACP and Black Panthers are put on the terrorist list, the KKK and the Skinheads should be put on there as well. It's a shame that some white Americans feel that a statement like that is appropriate in our country's time of tragedy while we should be coming together as a nation instead of trying to keep us racially divided. It's a shame.

I'm calling in concern of the Harry Potter thing that's going on, the books and the movie that's coming out. I read today in SpeakOut where someone else had called in. I believe parents and grandparents need to look into this before they take their children or buy the books.

I saw a recent SpeakOut about Harry Potter night at the library and one person's opposition to it. That's all fine and good, but some people who are opposed to these Harry Potter books, some say because of possible witchcraft or occultism and paganism as a part of the books themselves. If we're going to go on the opinionism route, then we need to examine various holidays celebrated by Christians and non-Christians. They are called Easter, Christmas, Halloween and birthdays. They all stem from various pagan rituals and symbols such as a Christmas tree, the Easter egg and rabbit among others. These are pagan rituals, apart from Jesus' birth and death aspects of Christmas and Easter, let's say. If you want to be true to your believes and accuse one thing of being pagan or whatever, you have to examine those holidays as well. I, too, celebrate Christmas and many of these other holidays, just like you. I didn't want to be accused of being card-carrying member of a religion that does not celebrate those holidays. I'm not trying to say they are satanic or anything, but many of the symbols I mention are based on pagan rituals. We have to call it across the board. If those are satanic then I guess I'm going right to hell with the rest of you.

This is in response to the anti-Harry Potter Christian mom. I got to see some of your so-called research on Miss Rolwing's previous work. Do you really have any that didn't come off an Internet site? I highly doubt it. And I'd bet a fair amount of money that you haven't even read one of the books. If you had, you might know how foolish you sound. And those books don't preach about anyone's religion. That's not what they're about. I hope your children discover the joy of reading the Harry Potter book. I am so tired of this Christian fundamentalist crap. God, please save me from your good people.

I agree with the lady who talked about the Harry Potter books. I did research on the author. These are books about witchcraft and the occult. I for one would not want my children or grandchildren reading these books. I would not want anyone reading Harry Potter books to them either. Parents, wake up. Read what your children are reading.

I was so happy to see the Statue of Liberty still standing so straight and strong after all the trouble in New York. It reminded me of when my husband came back from overseas in World War II. He said they came over on a boat and everybody on that boat cried when they saw the Statue of Liberty. He said, "I'm not ashamed to tell you that I cried too." He's gone now, but I think about that every time I see it.

First, Republicans begged us not to fill out the census forms. Now they tell us that since people didn't fill them out, we've found a new way to put a boot on the back of inner-city children's necks. I thought the idea of spending money on children was to get an accurate account of those children. Thanks, Mike, for another cross burning in your newspaper.

Who can I go to besides the school board with a complaint? We've been to the school board and one of the members is a very good friend of the person we've complained about and it seems nothing can be done to correct the situation. When your child is put in a situation and tries to keep trouble down, and then they get in trouble for being mixed up in this conversation the child gets punished for something they haven't done, who can you go to or who can you call. Please put an answer in the paper.

How can we ask God to bless America until America blesses God? We need to get back into blessing God. We need to bring him blessings instead of always expecting him to bless us.