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Wednesday, September 19, 2001

Call 471-6636

I reported on Aug. 16 that my little "Shaggy" Maltese had been stolen. I have been reading the want ads and stuff and notice that a lot of little dogs are being taken but everybody thinks they're being lost. Could you write an article where all of us lost parents of our little dogs that mean so much to us could get together and see if we can do something about it? My number is 472-0865. My little Shaggy is gone and I know that wherever he's at he's grieving just like we are. I have a picture of Shaggy but I don't think it would do any good to put it in the paper, but if you do, you can call me about it and I'll put it in the paper. Evidently, someone is going around stealing the little dogs when we let them out to go to the bathroom. Shaggy is not a breeder dog because he has been fixed. It may be that they're just taking them whether they're breeder dogs or not because they're small dogs and they're purebred dogs. Can you put something in SpeakOut for all the people who have dogs missing? Also, when your dog turns up missing, if you live in the city limits of Sikeston, you should call the police, not just the sheriff. If you live outside of Sikeston, call the sheriff. When someone's dog is missing and they offer a reward, who is picking up these rewards? Law enforcement needs to be involved in this.

On Dec. 7, 1941, I remember hearing on the radio when President Roosevelt said the bombing of Pearl Harbor is a dastardly act and today is a day of infamy. I feel the same today after watching the horrific attack on the World Trade Center in New York, the Pentagon and other areas of mass destruction. May God receive those souls in his hands of those lost and quickly heal those who were injured and the families of all. While watching the newscast through the smoke and drifting debris, I can still see Old Glory still waving in the breeze. Long may she wave and God bless America!

Since 8:30 a.m. today there's been nothing on television but the fires in New York. I have 64 channels on my television and that's all that has been on all of them. I haven't heard anything on there yet about other countries offering to help the United States. Every other country in the world has their hand out for us to help them when they have a disaster, but when we have something, they don't offer to help us. But as soon as we get back on our feet again, they'll be back (probably the same ones who did the bombing) wanting a hand-out. Why did they let so many Muslims in the United States to start with?

This is just a thought for today. Now is the time to pull together, to fight side by side to preserve our God-given freedom. No country and certainly no terrorist will take away our resolve to endure, no matter what the cost. That's why we're called the "United States" of America. God bless America.

If the Mid-East can control our price at the gas pumps, we are in deep manure. We need to stop all immigration immediately. We have more people now than we can take care of. Another expensive year for natural gas and at the pumps and the economy is dragging. All we need is a few missile attacks. That should do this country in.

I am devastated at the attack on America. President Bush asked for us to all pray. Isn't mixing religion and government wrong in our eyes? I know this is a tragedy, but prayer is prayer whether it's during a tragedy or anything else. Prayer was taken out of the schools and sporting events. Can't we please put prayer back into our schools and sporting events? They had a prayer vigil on Wednesday night at Capitol Hill. Surely they'll let us have prayer in our schools again.

It sucks that gas station owners are taking advantage of what happened in New York by raising gas prices to ridiculously high amounts. They are taking advantage of it and there's no excuse for it. They're just greedy.