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Thursday, October 18, 2001

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To all the people who dump their cats out in the country so they can find a home, let me tell you something. They don't always find a home. We found a female cat. She got under our porch and had a bunch of kittens and we can't catch them. She has had four litters this summer and we've got a swarm of cats. We live out here at Pharris Ridge. These cats are wandering all over the place and they're wild and they keep having kittens. You're not helping anybody by dumping the cats on somebody else. If you took the time to get your cat spayed, she wouldn't be having kittens and they wouldn't be a burden to somebody else. Now we have 15-20 cats we've got to try to find a home for. They're as wild as they can be, they won't let anybody touch them and they're doing a lot of damage. The next time you get an animal, get it spayed or neutered. If you don't want a bunch of kittens, then get rid of them but do it the right way instead of dumping them on somebody else.

Why in the world do they have the road so messed up on I-55 going to the Diversion Channel? We've been up through there and there's nothing going on but yet they've got traffic backed up going 25 miles an hour and you can't get through there. A lot of people commute through there. Why can't they do one side and then the other? It looks kind of stupid to me. What's wrong with what they have there anyway? They just redid it not too long ago. Can you tell us the story on this?

We ran the story from the Missouri Department of Transportation several weeks ago informing our readers that this was going to happen. The improvements will reduce the northbound and southbound lanes to one lane of traffic and is expected to take two years of work before the project is completed. The northbound bridge on I-55 north of Exit 91 will be replaced with a new seismically-designed three-lane structure. The third lane will serve as an acceleration lane for the northbound on-ramp traffic. The improvements are necessary to improve safety and MoDOT asks motorists to please be patient and remember the long term benefits in the short term inconvenience. For more information, contact Resident Engineer Bob Wilson at (573) 243-0899 or call the MoDOT Customer Service Center toll-free at 1-888-275-6636.

I would like to respond to "Solution No. 2" in the Oct. 10 Standard Democrat. This is to the gentleman who had the pleasure of saying we should send all women on estrogen over there to take care of the terrorists. Well, in my opinion, this guy is an obnoxious, illiterate, stupid, arrogant person who has absolutely no brains at all. You can tell where his brain is at and it's not in his head. It's in his butt!

To the people wanting firewood who called SpeakOut, there's a guy in Morley who sells firewood. His name is Troy and his telephone number is 262-2038. It's $35 if you pick it up and $40 delivered.

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I have the firewood you are seeking. Call us at 471-4913.